desintigrating live action footage with krakatoa


Hi everyone!
I was wondering how do you make someone on live action footage desintegrate with krakatoa. Do you get a model and project the video on them? I see everyone desintigrating teapots and 3d objects but not much info on live action stuff.

Here is an example of one

Can we desentigrate footage?


The basics of it.

To make it easy you will need a clean plate that has no character in it. Yes you need a piece of geo that represents the character (accuracy depends on how close it is) that is matched, you will born particles from it.

That is usually why you only see people testing with teapots. It takes time, patience, and external tracking software (like syntheyes, boujou, pftrack, ect.)


but how do they get the color of the particles to match the pixels of the video footage of the person?


I would go with projecting that live action footage on the 3D model and simply mapping that texture to particles with “Mapping Object” operator in p-flow. There is a written tutorial on that on the official Krakatoa site

You don’t have to bother with data operator, just use “Mapping Object” operator. The rest is basically the same.


^exactly :wink:


Sorry for the late reply, but can this only be done with the orbaz particle flow tools box?


Perhaps in the past but now you can use standard “Mapping Object” in Particle Flow, I think it comes with Max since 2010.


Oh thank you so much! i cant believe i didnt know about that operator.


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