Design at entry level?


Hey guys, pleasure to make an acquaintance!*

I’m in the process of trying to figure out my best method of moving forward as I’m progressing through university in the entertainment media field. I’ve found all aspects of the industry that I’ve been introduced to quite enthralling. At the forefront of my attention right now is design, game art, and technical art. Design being in the lead of my interests as of now, I’ve tried looking around online and asking around here and there what exactly I can be doing to be moving forward with this interest. My perception as it exists right now, is it seems designers in the vast majority (that are currently working in the industry) all stem from having previous entry to intermediate artistic or computer science experience (they eventually made it to the position of a designer after having done the grunt level work in those fields so to speak) .*

I brought this observation forward to various educational councilors and professors. What they exclaimed to me in an inexact quote “that this is a common case due to the circumstances of the previous generations. Should I pursue in educating myself specifically in the field of design, the industry as it is growing, is developing in a way to accommodate for that. With the growth of entertainment media, big positions that are being looked at now more so than they were previously, would include designers,technical artists, etc.”

Would this be sound advice to listen to? Are there indeed positions out there for those who have similar interests such as my own, without having to pursue a previous track and education to one day reach that point?*

Thanks in advance for any professional insight,

From a young and budding CG artist.


I believe that you need to continue to learn the design since this is that what you like best. Now there are many spheres where designers are needed (designing games, applications, software) and further, this sphere will develop more and more, as the user interface develops. It will inevitably take on new forms, but it will not go anywhere) You can read about design, in general, more in the blog and take for yourself some new and useful information.


Learn designing can be very rewarding if you take it seriously. Don’t give up. It’s just a matter of time, you will go from entry-level to become a professional. When Techrabytes started the owner doesn’t know much about designing. But today, the guy is very good.


Designing is a very creative thing to do. Learning designing is easy thing but mastering is not easy. People can pass years in designing until they become a design expert. I also have some interest in design and i have completed many designs and have written articles on how to design a good template you can see the article at this website paperscrappers. There you can learn many quality tips about web design and graphic design.


Hi, I would also like to do design, it has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I read a lot of pros and cons, the main thing you like. I found here a lot of information and opinions that encouraged me more.