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I just put together a new Flash site for the sake of a potential job. Please, have a look and let me know what you think. I’ll have some actual animation clips up in the 3D section soon.

Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Quite a nice site…

Only crit would be, try using loading bars… i was your viewing website at college like i usually am, here we have a huge connection, and pages take like 1-2 sec’s to load which is fine, but im sure if i was at home on my 56k modem they would take at least 10-20secs, if i clicked a link and it stayed blank for that long i would just cancel it or ide think the links where not working. At least with a loading bar the viewer could see the page is actually working and loading. Just something to think about as not everyone has super high speed connections. :thumbsup:


Yeah, that’s a good point. The reason I didn’t have them was because I don’t know how to make the good ones that show the percentage loaded and I was in a big hurry to get this site made. I guess I’ll spend some time at doing a good preloader tutorial. Thanks.


hey there gabe. enjoyed your site, love your work. you definetly need a preloader. i can upload one for you. i dont know if your ui part is not working or if i closed it too quickly since i didnt know if it was loading. i also was confused with your scroll bar. i kept clicking since there were up and down arrows. it took me a few to realize to click and hold.


The UI section works. Give it a few more seconds. I’ll build a preloader soon as I have some time again.

Good point on the scroll button. I’ll change it.

Thanks for the input.


just took a look at your page.
good work

if you still need a preloader take this(it should work fine)

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.loadMC.getBytesLoaded() != _root.loadMC.getBytesTotal()) {
lv = (_root.getBytesLoaded()/_root.getBytesTotal())*100;
this._xscale = lv;
you only have to put it on the preloaderMC.
loadMC is the MC where you load your external .swf’s in.

keep straight


Thanks. I’ll see if I can’t get this actionScript to work.


Hi Gabe: your site looks functional and usable, but i would definitively change the font (animeace I guess?), it doesn’t work for what you are using it. It gives the site an unprofessional look, it’s hard to stablish a hierarchy between the text elements (titles vs paragraph, for example), and it doesn’t read well on long paragraphs (like your resumee). Also you might want to reconsider your color palette to something less saturated (specially the blues and reds), build color harmonies and use them to stablish hierarchy as well, because what needs to stand out is your work, not the things around it.

Well, hope that it helps.


Sir Patroclo


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