Deserted village, Rafal Waniek (3D)


Damn guys. What an Impressive job you did.
Every detail is awesome, scale and lighting are just terrific!
Looks like a masterpiece film frame…

5* (and more), congratulations!


very nice work :wink:


great amount of detail and composition, congrats!


This is definitely getting a CGChoice award.


finally a dvd worth getting. amazing


Thanks for comments :slight_smile:

Stoke - hmm hard to tell, it took me few months for sure (4 or 5).

elmata - almost no procedural textures - there are tons of textures in the scene :), sure some of them are tilable and used in few places in the scene but mostly one texture per model, specially for the big once :slight_smile:

all the scene models are based on 2d concepts made by Evermotion 2D artist Iwo Widulisnki,

here is the final video from the fx book: LINK

All FX, simulation etc were done by our FX artist Adam Guzowski :slight_smile:


WOW! Amazing work. Grats.


Amazing detail. Very impressive.


My jaw just dropped to the floor and I haven’t been able to put it back in place. So here is the only word I can say about this: Wow! Awsome! (OK, it’s two words but who cares :buttrock: ).


It is unbelievable the ammount of details you have in there!


Oh my… That really is fantastic. Just watched the clip too - the whole thing is amazing!


wow insanely complex ! I wouldn’t know even where to begin on that. Oh and the video :eek:


CG Award I’m coming!

Outstanding job! :buttrock:


Absolutely Perfect, Your team really pushing DVD trainings.
Good Luck.


AMAZING,great job:thumbsup:


This awesome work,details very well done,textures,mood and so forth!
5 stars!! :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:

Congratz bro!


amazing! where is the poster? :slight_smile:


just WOW! :slight_smile:


Really great job. So complex but not chaotic. Almost looks like 2D painting (isn’t it still one of the greatest compliment for 3D work?)!. I love the capture and all the details that makes the scene so dynamic and mysterious! And the video: music, flames and lightning intensify the impression of danger so greatly! My congratulations to you Edi and to all the other authors!


Amazing work my friend!!

Congrats, this is top row and award quality work :love: :love: :love:

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