Deserted village, Rafal Waniek (3D)


Title: Deserted village
Name: Rafal Waniek
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Scene created for the purpose of Evermotion FX training dvd.
All done inside 3dsmax, rendered using Vray and some PS post production.

Here is a hi res (3500px) resolution image:

and some close ups

The fx training dvd is alredy in preorder in evermotion shop if someone of you is interested :slight_smile:


Woooow , Perfect :beer:


Beautifull lighting and collors, and amount of details is incredible, love it


Yes, stunning work, and lots of details.
The lighting is wonderful. Its award stuff.

What s the title of the traning dvd ?
Couldn t find it on Evermotion.



production quality work , outstanding lighting and rendering


But how does one go about modeling this??? I mean where do you start? With the curtains? :smiley:

If the DVD will have a tutorial on how to make this than I’m buying it! :wink:

Outstanding work! It takes serious vision and dedication to do this!


really hardcore work! congratulation for the whole team!


Awesome :buttrock:


Amazing work, the detail is absolutely insane.


Thats Brilliant!


Absolutely badass work! :buttrock:


Kicks ass … :cool:


Wonderful, very great color! love!! :smiley:


holy hell how long did that take? its gorgeous!


Thats Brilliant!


Wow :bowdown:
Great texture and lighting , amazing amount of detail !!!
I can smell the award coming :thumbsup:


Absolutely stunning work!!
… and frontpage master piece indeed!!
I’m just curious to know how you managed all the texture (maps or procedural…?)

Five stars!


wooooow~ the lighting is really great and the details are meticulous! Awesome!


impressive scale. I like it


That’s an amazing, every thing is great and I love allll …
Best wishes!