Desert Mantis


The Desert Mantis is an exploration transportation for difficult terrains of newly discovered Earth-like planets. Another common usage is to pull carts/wagons of goods or passengers between settlements.


i like this
strange but original design


Glad you like it :beer:


some constructive observations for a great concept vehicle, i really do like it so i am offering some suggestions:

if for travel i would have the front legs retract and hook up to the rear tracks or have the front legs with retractable tracks for speed on terrain.

if the purpose is to pull or push other vehicles or cargos the vehicle should have a hitch or hooks or something to couple to other carriers or platforms

the green scheme makes it very appealing as the first customers ususally are military based. yes i know that is the same color as a praying mantis so it has a double effect.

i am not clear on the suspension over difficult terrain, it seems it would be jarring and bumpy to have the tracks attached directly to the body with no provision to attenuate vibrations to the driver. something to think about.

I enjoyed the work as it is, just some common sense thoughts into making it realistic


Thanks happy to hear you like what I did.
I do agree on every point you made. I actually had exact same thoughts, but unfortunately I ran out of time and decided to submit the way I had it at that time.

Suspension is definitely something I want to work on as soon as I get some time.

Thanks again!


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