Desert Courier, Philip Zborovsky (2D)


Title: Desert Courier
Name: Philip Zborovsky
Country: Canada
Software: Painter

I drew this car just for fun, without any initial concept behind it. The idea for an armored car came as the forms and proportions were developed as i drew. Despite some of its smooth, classic forms (ie. fenders)it looked rugged and heavy, so i though that it wouldnt look out of place in some sort of post-apocalyptic desert setting lol, :wink:
>> Hi resolution image <<


Really nice painting.
I like your colors.



Nice creation, I like the car’s design.


I like the car design, the colors and especially the metal texture.

good work


The background (area other than the car) bugs me a little bit… tho its probably just me. Its either the contrast between the area around the car and the car itself or that the image is suppose to give the impression of the car moving (background does look a little bit blurry). If is the later of the two… you may need to add ‘wind’ (a motion blur?) to the car.

I do really like the car, the texture and the style.


Thanx for the comments, and for the crit :thumbsup:.
The car is supposed to be in motion hence the blury bg and all the dust under and behind it.
Check it out with some motion blur, and let me know which one u like better :).
Thanx very much, Scoshi.

P.S. This is supposed to be a quick color concept sketch, so im after a general idea of the scene.


The link is better than the first picture on the site. I still like it.


Great pic! The colours are beautiful…I think if you just focused on the car, and make it fill more of the frame, it would look even better


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