deselect selected channels in CB using mel


Anyone know how to do it?

I digged trough various alias channelBox scripts and double checked the docs for the channelBox command but didn´t find anything



the channel box command creates a channel box for u to edit, what do u want to do with the data in the box, just select it or edit it aswell, you can select the objects attributes by using the normal select commands i think


I just want to deselect a selected channel, that´s all.

I´m aware of the many things that the hotbox command offers, but still, there´s no way to deselect a channel it seems.

I´m not even looking for a “clean” solution. Some dirty trick like messing with the selection in order to get rid of the selected channel would be fine to, for my purpose.

Any ideas?


Same as below


sorry for the double post. Had a hiccup on the net when I sent this in


How is it you are selecting the given channel? Are you using a script or are you clicking in the channel box on the name? I am having a hard time trying to figure out how you are selecting the channel so that I can find the way to clear the selection.


i don’t think you can select stuff in the channelBox… i’m pretty sure they’re queryable only. frustrating i know.


I think maybe ‘Octagon’ means he’s selected a specific channel in the channel box (eg. the translateX channel), and he wants to de-select it… is that right…?


Correct. :slight_smile:


that´s what I thought too. I hate it when you realize maya actually has limits.



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