Description Editor - 0.9 Open BETA


Description Editor - 0.9 Open BETA
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                             Description Editor is [b]the tool[/b] for every Cinema 4D developer.
                             (If you are not a developer or you do only code in COFFEE, this tool will not be of any use for you)
                             [b]What is it ?[/b]
                             Description Editor (short: DescEdit) is a tool which enables you to create description-files for C4D Plugins quick and easy.
                             [b]But it is still BETA, why should I check it out now ?[/b]

You can already create descriptions.
And I’d be very happy if you would tell me about bugs you could find.
I also want to make Description Editor as handy as possible. If you have any suggestions or you recognize something really unsatisfying while using the 0.9 BETA of Description Editor, please send me an email or write in this thread.

I really like it ! Will I have to pay for this ?

No, Description Editor will be available for free for every Cinema 4D Developer out there.
But I have nothing to say against donations. :wink:

                             [i]What is supported ?[/i]
                             Everything you could do by hand: groups / subgroups, elements and cycles.
                             The only limit is that you can only use one language, but this will be fixed in later versions.
                             [i]Features of Description Editor:[/i]
                             - don't care about .res, .str and .h files !
                             - save your project and edit it later
                             - the self written ListView - Interface provides easy and clear managing of your description elements
                             [i]What will come in future versions:[/i]
  - bugfixes (if you could find any)
                             - syntax check
                             - a list of available types with explanation
                             - multilanguage support
                             You can find some screenshots on [Picasa](
                            There is a [screencast]( of how to get started with Description Editor 0.9 BETA, too.

                            Thank you,
         Note: Description Editor is written in Python and is only available for R12 and higher.
                   But it works fine with the R12 demo as well.

       [b]Download Description Editor 0.9 BETA[/b]:
                            [i]Niklas Rosenstein[/i]


Just wanted to say thanks for this plugin, Niklas. It’s sure to be a big time saver and headache reducer going forward. Nice work.


hey Niklas! this is a fantastically useful tool. Thank you so much. for future verisons it would rad if there where a way to get realtime feedback on a test object so you could see how the final build would look, but im sure the complexity to accomplishing that is mind boggling. thanks again duder.


Looks very interesting!


Thanks for your replies.

@avd: Yes, it would be pretty cool. But this is a limitation of the Python API. There would be a possible solution using C++ but this would still be very complicated to do and I’d need to write the plugin in C++.
This may change with the R13 API

Seems like nobody could find a bug yet. :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy this plugin. Feel free to write something about it. :wavey:


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