Desarius #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


It’s late, it’s hard but I will not surrender

Day 16 Mittens

Day 15 Santa

Day 14 Cookies

Day 13 Shovel


haha the snowman with the shovel is great. I like your cookies too :slight_smile:


The shovel is really a nice picture.


Thank you all.

With these little sketch of today I have recovered many days… Quality suffers sigh

Day 17 Snow

Day 18 - Reindeer

Day 19 Scarf

Maintain the right concentration for all the days of this challenge is difficult. But I am learning many things, or at least I think.


I also find it hard to concentrate on the challenge this close to Christmas but keep going, we’re nearly there :slight_smile:


I’m glad you’re back Desarius!
It really isn’t a easy challenge and i agree with csbutt.
The closer we get to Christmas the less time i have to make images for the challenge…


Yes, more we are near Christmas more the time slips under our finger, it’s really a strange thing. I am really sure that I will not have time for the last day sketch. But I will fight till the end :stuck_out_tongue:


You and me both :wink:


Come on man, you can do it !
Three more entries and and a little less than 2 days, and it will be over…

I’m at the same point, day 19, so I totally understand you ! :slight_smile:



Day 20 Season… well it’s a five minute sketch sigh

Day 22 Fireplace

No time to colouring and cure it :frowning:


Congratulations man! You made it and can have your deserved rest :slight_smile:
Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


Challenge completed! Woo! :bounce:

Happy holidays!


Congratz on completing! You’ve done quite interesting pieces!
Merry Christmas!


Congratulations Dario you did it!
Merry Christmas!:applause: