Desarius #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


This you made it very polished! Good stuff man


A very good effect.


Nice edge control on those ribbons!


Thank you all :slight_smile:

Today I will go for Jingles


Seven day, so Candles. I am not happy with the final quality sigh, but the time was really lower.


Ha, I just saw this on Twitter! Even with the limited time it’s a nice candle theme. Your recent 3 are so festive and bright :slight_smile:


Thank You, I am always fighting to make everything in 45 minutes or lower. I have a personal style that is darker so try to make something festive is really difficult. But is a good learning experience :smiley:


Those candles look really nice ! The details on the round ones are especially well done, this is not easy to do on that kind of surface !

Good job, mate ! Keep’em coming :thumbsup:


I can already see your shading improve. Keep it up :slight_smile: I love the vibrant colors, too!


Really loved the round candles! With that design and rendering, looking real.


I’m late, really late…


Really great gingerbread!.. just think the shadows on the plate are too strong


Hmmm! Yummy yummy…


Your Gingerbreads are delicious!
Did you make them in 3D?


Cookies looks yummy! :smiley:


Well , mixed things, I have done a rapid sketch of the gingerbread in zbrush, then I posed them in zbrush and got the AO, I have painted in Photoshop on the AO to help me with perspective and shadows and added the plate ( after painting on it in zbrush )


I was strongly hitten by the flu, so I must run…

Here the day 9 and day 10, Decoration and Presents.


These are for the latest two days.

A sleight with a message from the elf workers and a Wreath with some intriguing design.


That wreath looks really good! I love the sleigh too!


The presents and the sleigh got very realistic! Cool stuff man :slight_smile: