Desarius #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Hi all, I’m here to try this, I hope this is the right place to start the thread.

I don’t have really understand if zbrush sketching is permitted or not…


I have started to work on the first image, this is the first of december, my gf is at work in place where all is freezing so I will choose as first word ICE.


Now that I have posted that I am unsure about colours of the Ice block so I am trying to get a more vivid ice color…


Its already cold and you make ice! I want sun and beachs. Ehehe
Nice concept Desarius.


thank you :slight_smile:


ok published this on Social Network ( facebook / twitter )


Really nice! :slight_smile:


thank you :smiley:


#Day 2



LOL! That is awesome! How are the negotiations going with those elves?


Lol! Its the crisis :slight_smile:


Not very well, but there is time before the main event.

Today I have really little time so I have chosen #Lights.

Any year I see the lights I always ask myself: “How I will untie this ??”


today my draw is really awful, but I can’t get a better idea today :frowning:


Don’t say that! I liked it. :smiley: christmas lights are my favorite lights.


I understand your pain, to untie Christmas decorations, all year in the same bag… i believe your illustration exemplefies very well the pain and mess :slight_smile:


Day 4, Chimney

I need to sleep…


Good light. Now it is only a question of loosening the knots.


All thoses houses! I’m sure this a big trouble to make but it went well, mainly that light hitting the houses


Well… I am not so happy for the final image… but thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you STFVIT, I was happy for the light but not so happy for that draw :S


Today #Ornaments,

I am really struggling to maintain the feeling of Christmas and the suggested theme. I hope that will be a lesson to me :stuck_out_tongue: