Deryn, Alexandra Knickel (2D)


Title: Deryn
Name: Alexandra Knickel
Country: Germany
Software: Painter, Photoshop

“Quod’ery’nvak is a woman whose past few could guess. The Chiss female was once Aros’hai’lineer, a brilliant Captain in the Imperial Starfighter Command, but she has recently defected to begin a new life on Ord Mantell. Deryn (which she is called in Basic) is rarely seen outside the company of Div’innha’boloehd, Chiss crimelord, and onlythe most gullible really believe that she is merely one of his Lieutenants.”

This is a comissioned character portrait of a female chiss (a race from star wars galaxies) . The client had a very clear/complete idea about the painting and I m happy that I matched it well.
Huge watermarking part of contract.

Ref used, hand painted from scratch


beautiful peace,but i guess color contrast is missing…


very nice character, Alexandra ! Those red eyes and blue skin are a bit strange, even scary :applause: However, i would have seen her hands opened and her fingers more longer, if you see what I mean. I’m not convinced by the backround, I think it doesn’t really fit this extra-terrestrial character. Anyway, great job !


Jaggudada Thanks

Tuor, Thank you, the skin and eyecolor is race specific =) About the other suggestions though… as I said in the description the client had very clear thoughts about how the image had to look in a whole ( the background is kind of a swimmingpool) and I paint what my client wants.
I wont chance anything of that portrait since the job is already done and the client is happy (which is what counts most) :wink:


Hi Alexandra,
Nice work!


two things…you gotta stop highliting on the edges of everthing and try to make you shapes look rounder…for example the shoulders down to the forearm …look kinda flat …even though the hands are under the sleeves they should still have more shadow…

and number 2…your lips and facial expressions are looking kinda the same for each piece


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