depth of field plugins?


hello there…

what kind of depth of field plugins are there around for afx?

i’m looking for a solution without rendering z-data from a 3d software but a plugin that can simulate dof more or less.

thanks for inputs


I use Lenscare, although I do render out a Z-Depth image from Maya.

Don’t know of any plug-ins that eliminate the need for a Depth Map, I can’t think how it would work.


Creating DOF without a depth map would be diffcult if not impossible, at least I don’t know any tool or plugin that does it without a depth map at least in post processing. You can fake it using several masks and different blurs amounts but it would be tedious to do, hard to control over animated sequences and the result would be far from being good.

I would go for Lenscare as Andy mentioned, it’s a pretty cool plugin to have in your arsenal.



Aye, you need that Z-depth information. DOF is not just a “filter”. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how cool those 3rd party plugins are, but I believe AE has its own “compound blur”.

You can also do a little of it yourself:
a) copy your image layer
b) apply a little gaussian blur to the new layer
c) composite it into the other one, using the z-depth

Voila. Simple, but pretty efficient.

But, DOF with Z-depth has its limitations - you can’t have a too big variation in the focus change, or you’ll end up with black edges around the objects (because the blur will need information which is “behind” other objects, but since it’s rendered as one pass, those areas will be black). If you want a massice change in DOF, I think you’ll have to render it in several passes.


  • Jonas


I dont find ae. compound blur very useful.

but i do like frischlufts DOF plugin that Andy Whiteley mentioned.
best one for ae. in my opinion.


Digital Film Tree 55mm filter does “selective focus” which might be used for what you have in mind,


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