Depth Layer


Hi guys i am new Fusion User and i have a simple Problem .

I have two jpg files.
One of them is a color Pass and the other file is a Depth pass (RGB File)The depth pass is not includet in the File it is a RGB File.

And now i want to use the depth pass to connect it to the Fusion Depth node.
But it dont works.

I also try it with the Channel Booleans but i think i have make a mistake.
can anyone help me pleas.



In the Channel Boolean, go to the Aux Channels tab and tick “Enable Extra Channels”, then you can copy the depth pass into the ZBuffer.

So Basically:

Loader (Colour pass) -> Boolean (copy; Red FG in Zbuffer) -> Depth Node
Loader (Depth pass)-----^

Hope that helps…


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