Depth buffer output?


I´m having a hard time getting a correct depth output, it shows up the right way when clicking through the preview window. But when I try to render it out as a file (tried different formats) I can only get it to look like an alpha. I have checked trough the channels of the image in photoshop, but there is only alpha info.

Another question is why changeing the focal distance doesn´t seem to affect the depth buffer? What setting do I tweek to get the depth to go deeper into the picture before it reaches the maximum value (white)?

Any help greatly appreciated/


Ok, I´m starting to get a feeling that this might be a bug.
When I render out both an alpha and a depth file and open both files up in a image viewer,
I can see that they differ in that the alpha file got antialias on the edges and the depth file doesn´t, just like they should. Only that the depth output looks like the alpha output only black and white :banghead:

Anyone else care to try to get an correct depth file output?


Anyone? please… :cry: I want to use a 2d DOF filter on a render.


Got it to work with help of the tonemapping function, NOT :banghead: I thought I had it but no!


The problem illustrated:


Hi tried a bit more and I really cant figure this out. Is it a bug or am I missing something?
I would really appreciate if someone with more experience of Messiah could give me a hint.




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