Depa, Jesus Selvera (3D)


Absolutely amazing,

Nice detail,
ussually people don’t get closeups right,
but you pulled it off,



Amazing. I’m a very impressed, the closeups were incredible. I think I’ll just stop now and gape for a bit longer…

5*'s, naturally!


very nice :slight_smile: gr8 work :slight_smile:


Amazing work!:eek: Very well done…my compliments!:thumbsup: So REALISTIC!:smiley:

Keep it up!


Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I’m so nearly sold on Maxwell. Although it probably helps if you can model like that, eh?:eek:


Great work - congrats!


Wow, as always, Zuliban!
Isn’t the carpet a little too small? Fantastic materials. modeling and lighting, though!
Which do you like better, Vray or Maxwell (since you do fantastic stuff with both)?


great great!!! Don’t know really what I could add, I’m speechless, this is simply awesome!


This is so “This image removed due to high-bandwidth usage -ImageShack” :sad:

But from those few shots still visible, I say I want to see the rest of them too! right click - save as


Very nice modeling and lighting and design. That render is freakin massive! I have a couple questions:

  1. What resolution is that, and how long did it take to render?
  2. Can we have it? I would like to pan through that thing in photoshop…


hi all im happy im at the frontpage! :slight_smile:

    kiaran- resolution was 1200x900 rendertime 14hrs whit dual xeon 3,4 2gb ram
    sure you can photshop it:P
    ter-o- ill upload in my web soon all the images

DrFx-i like both but maxwell a little more for the ones that wants realism vray is great too but for me is better for artisic scenes
here are some meshes of it ill post the links sicne they use bandwhit




those grains are from the renderer or did you add it later? it gave the image quite a “even more realistic” touch.


Like Hexebah vbmenu_register(“postmenu_2793178”, true); said …
That’s just sick amazing stuff.
5 Stars!


That’s not a render, I saw it in magazine for better homes or something. Matter of fact, I saw the house. Yeah…Naw, I was even there when they took the photo! I still got one of the apples!!!

If that’s a not real, that’s just plain ass astounding. :eek: :applause: :bounce:

Beautiful Design on the chair and their spacial relations with the other items of the same metal.


Great job. more than I can explain.


very nice work … lovely


Wow nice job! And I don’t know if it’s because it’s been a long day, but that chair looks comfortable!


Hey Zu… Very nice work , like all the time.
Gr8. Wooooork. my friend.


That’s absolutely amazing … :eek:


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