Depa, Jesus Selvera (3D)


Title: Depa
Name: Jesus Selvera
Country: Mexico
Software: 3ds max

done in 3ds max around 2,5 millon polies all quads and rounded edges , rendered in maxwell hope you like it :slight_smile:
BIG resolution


 close ups



Sick! - That’s great stuff. Well done.



Looks very nice, very photorealistic, good lighting and very good texturing.
THe only thing i could pick upp was that the carpet looks a bit floaty, and the crease on the caoch looks a bit fake. But overall a 4 in my book, would’nt stop to look if i saw it in a catalog for a new apartment (would prolly get disapointed when the GI in the real apartment was’nt as good as yours;P)

Congratz amigo


great image and render !

what is the render time for the big one ?

is the glow on the lamp, a postproduction work ?



great render ,very clean work
looks very realistic.
nice interior, good lighting.
keep up the good work


One of the most fotorealistic render I,ve ever seen, impressive work in details, how long time for this work? can you put a wire?

Congratulations, impressive work.


Way to go Jesus, Another miracle.

Did you use Radiosity?


Thats the most detailed post i have seen here for long!

Detailed and realistic.
Really awesome work!
5 Stars from me.


Great work! Maxwell renderings always look impressive, especially when the scene is great as well. Very nice! :thumbsup:


Very nice work

I can tell from the quality that it’s MAXWELL
5 Stars


Very nice work.
Looks comfy, I like the concept.


I can tell from the quality it is a good artist


omg…photorealistic…if i have to rank u i d give u a 11/10…but ART can’t be ranked…:wink:



amazing work zuly love the way you model and the feeling you put on your works always amazing.

p.d. lero lero yo lo vi primero hihihihi.


Jesus Zuliban, those renders are ridiculous!!

AMAZING, only how long on the render times? I use maxwell alot and cant get images looking that clear. Stunning work.


wow man your rendering is wonderfull i like everything except the concept of the room it is like you are to the dentist :sad:


Simply amazing! the details, lightening, textures! excellent work! :eek:


kick ass work , man!!..double thumbs up!