Denver Chapter?


Denver Chapter anyone? Yes, No, Maybe? Anyone? Bueller?


Heck yes! I’d definitly be in. I tried to start a LW users group here a couple of years ago so I know some different places that might be willing to host. Unfortionatly, I doubt there are that many CGS members here in the area, heck, there aren’t that many 3D artists in general.


Yeah, I’d certainly be down for a Denver group. I am moving to Vancouver in August because of the very problem Chris has already mentioned. However, there is a pretty active GameDev group that meets at AI Denver . . . but you know programmers :banghead:


Im new to the northern Colorado area and would definately be down with a local chapter as well as a LW user group. I seriously need to get plugged into whatever local happenings I can! Peace.


Well, I’m definitely down as well as my boy Ig. The nice thing is it looks like we are all LW users so thats definitely a plus. We should set up a meeting sometime soon. I guess if you want to post when the best time to meet would be… Im open in the afternoons pretty much any day of the week.

Hey Chris, were you at that Production IG thingy on Friday at CU?


Nope actually missed it, I had hoped to make it but work got in the way.

I’m going to have to look into the rules of the chapters more and see if all the members have to be CGS members. It would be great if we had a large group of CGS people here in CO, but as it stands I think we could do better without restricting the size.



I’ve emailed Andrew Plummer for more info on support for a Denver chapter. Hopefully we can get this going soon. Even if the chapter thing doesnt happen, we should still get a group meeting going once a month. It looks like we are all moving toward the same goal with our CG work and Im as serious as a heart attack about doing this CG thing full time.

If you need to get a hold of me at any time, please feel free to email me or shoot me a PM. Im on the forums almost 24-7 so you can expect a quick response. - J


Thanks for the invite Chris P. I’d be interested to hear what you have in mind for this Colorado chapter of CG talk. I’m pretty slammed for time, so I don’t know what sort of commitment I could make, but let’s talk more about it.



Paul Hellard was kind enough to email me regarding our interest to set up a local chapter and will be passing this information along to Andrew Plumer the next time they are in touch.

To accomodate schedules, it looks like we will be meeting 1 day a month on Wednesday evenings. I’m trying to workout the details for where and what time, but I hope be able to acquire a space that has internet access and a large tv that we can connect a laptop to for viewing, preferably downtown. I’m hoping to post this information within the next few days.

Please feel free to PM or email me directly with any questions.- J


Sweet, good work Joel :thumbsup:


It looks like we have a place set up to meet. The place is Café@Netherworld located in Capitol Hill. I haven’t paid a visit just yet but it does have wireless internet access, a pool hall, and full service restaurant and bar.

We are shooting for Wednesday of next week (April 12th) for our first meeting at 7:00pm. This will be more of an informal meet and greet. Craig and I plan on bringing some work to show, and we encourage everyone to bring your own work as well. I’ll have a laptop available so if you want to bring some work burned on disk to share, by all means do so. Depending on the turnout and how well it goes, we would like to continue to meet once a month moving forward.

Here are the details:

Place: Cafe@Netherworld (located on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of Capitol Hill).

Address: 1278 Pennsylvania Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203

Time: Wednesday, April 12th , 7:00pm

Phone: 303-861-8638

Mapquest Directions

You can also visit the Cafe@Netherworld site at for more info.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to pm or email me at anytime. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you… see you Wednesday! - Joel


Hi All,
I had no idea (since I am new to CG Society) that there were chapters around town and am so sorry I did not know about it sooner. Although, being in Fort Collins while it is not too far from Denver is still a little ways for me to drive at night.
I will check periodically to see if you might host a meeting somewhere else…
Thanks so much for all you are doing in supporting artists.


Hi Aida,
Thanks for your interest! At the moment, Denver seems to be the most centralized location for all of us. Generally speaking, its a drive for everyone but considering we will only be holding these meetings once a month, its not too bad. The next meeting will most likely be held on the weekend and we can shoot for an earlier time during the day, so long as it accomodates everyone’s schedules. Definitely keep checking back in this thread for more details on future meetings and I look forward to meeting you soon. Take care - J


Hi everybody,

Absolute BIG thanks go out to Chris, Craig, Igor and Shane for showing up last night. We were a small group but I have to believe that some of the most talented artists in Colorado where there. It was a great pleasure to see that kind of talent sitting in one concentrated area and it has definitely renewed my motivation for CG. For those that couldn’t make it, we are planning to hold another meeting within the next two or three weeks. I will be posting details in this thread in the upcoming days, so please check back periodically.

I’d also like to add that we will be working on a small project moving forward. No exact details are laid out just yet, but we will be finalizing a concept in our next meeting. The goal as a group is to create a 3D animated short. We will be posting concept ideas, sketches and misc artwork in this thread moving forward.

Thanks again to everyone that showed up! - Joel


Hey everyone, it was a blast meeting you all and Im looking forward to working with each of you! Good time and big thanks to Joel for the brew! Thanks Bro! Folks better subscribe to this thread, gonna be some nice stuff coming from the Denver Chapter!!


It was my pleasure meeting all of you! I’d have to agree with Joel, there was some crazy talent at that table.

I’ve got a couple of ideas rattling around, but only one of them falls into the scale of what we’re planning on doing and would involve a lot of character animation . . . so I’ll keep thinking. I’m real interested to see what this group is capable of producing :thumbsup:


Most definitely!

Am I the only one that is still in awe of the fact that our tab only came out to $9? Nice to know that as gas prices go up, beer cost is at an all time low. :smiley:


Hey guys, sorry I missed out on the first meeting. I should be able to make it to the next one once it get’s a date. I’m also trying to get my brother to join the CGSociety as we both graduated from AIC in Denver for computer animation a couple years ago. I’m putting together a new modeling reel and I’d love to run it past you guys as well see your work. :arteest:


Hey Eric,

We’d love to have you, especially with your background in animation… a gap we were definitely in need of filling! Your knowledge on the matter would definitely be a huge help putting an animated short together.

I’ll be posting the next meeting date in the next couple of days. I’ll send you a hollar as soon as its set. - Joel


Actually, I’m mostly a modeler. My bro did more animation in school, though we’ve both been doing more character models than anything else. The name of the program I took at AIC actually changed from Computer Animation to Media Arts and Animation by the time I graduated, though I mostly focused on character modeling. Animation is one of those things I keep meaning to work on, but I keep getting caught up in modeling my characters. :hmm: