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Demo’s By IdiotApathy

Part One Music by:
Album: Touche d’espoir
Track: Touche d’espoir
Part Two Music by:
Album: Past is Prologue
Track: The Disconnect
Part Three Music by:
Album: Balance on What
Track: Theory of Noise
Album: Past is Prologue
Track: Sunrise Projector

Notes: You will need the capability to decompress .RAR files. Codecs are included in each .RAR. For this set there are 2 codecs, parts 1-2 use the CamStudio Codec; parts 2-4 use the msu-sc Codec. Both codecs are lossless however the msu has a smaller file size and better capture I believe. Installation is very simple. Videos are sped up, exact times I don’t know. One or two of the files doesn’t seek as well as I would like it to, but the issue is fixed in later videos.

Working on the balance between quality, file size and duration. These three are lossless, 100% quality, working resolution and rather quick duration 5-10 minutes but the file size for each .RAR is between 40-55mb. Give me any feedback you may have, too short? too big? Bear with me, still figuring all this out.

Sketch by Bumskee:

Part One:
Hair/Beginning of Clothing

Part Two:

Part Three:

PSD - For a closer look - 100% Res:

There is also a part 4, but it’s perhaps not so interesting and adding a background made the file size go jumbo.


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VIDEO DEMO: Coloring 2

Notes: You will need the capability to decompress .RAR files. Codec is included in .RAR file. This is unfortuneatly is only 1/4th or 2/5th’s away from being the complete demo. Let’s just say, technical error for the last part :. Demo is of course sped up again (360%), hope it’s not too fast for you; if it is I recommend a video player such as BSPlayer that can slow playback. Still working on the balance between size, resolution, duration and of course quality. So far the MSU codec is king. Cheers!

Sketch by Bumskee:

Part One: Sketch to Block in to Face (Corrupted?) (New Up)

Part Two: More Face to just about Finished Clothing.

PSD: Take a closer look with multiple layers


Snowy Landscape Demo and PSD:

PSD and other Files:

MikeCorriero asked me a few questions I’ll try and answer them as well as I can;
The brush I used 99% of the time in this was a default round; size, opacity and flow set to pressure. I almost never use the manual opacity and for this particular style I found it best to use 100% flow as I didn’t really have to ‘blend’ much. After the initial sketch I used an abstract brush with many hard edges to sort of lay down a base coat of the primary color I had envisioned for this painting. Directly afterward I used a soft light layer and the same brush to create even more variety in color, overtop of which I also use an overlay layer with the same method. Here I was establishing the general palette I used for the next several rendering steps. It can also be great to use the clone brush with these methods as it adds another layer of grit, grime and variance. Now, next came something I’ve really been enjoying lately something I saw Andrew Jones demonstrate at the recent San Franciso workshop. Duplicate your layers, or hit ctrl+alt+e. Flip this duplicate canvas, set it to either lighten or darken and experiment with it’s position on the canvas, you may also want to enlarge your canvas by 200% in each direction. I think you’ll find that some things work quite well symmetrically and others work best if you stretch and distort the canvas. Overall I really enjoy this technique - it’s helped me see many possibilites that I would otherwise never see. I think it’s also a great tool for conceptualizing. Moving on I used a ‘dirt’ brush, very low impact with essentially small bristles to add even more grit to the canvas. Afterwhich came one of the most drastic changes done with the editing modes; curves, color balance and selective color. If you have Adobe CS or above you will be able to click on these adjustment layers to view them in more detail. These are very handy tools if you’ve changed your mind about what colors/values you want as well as changing mood etc. Even if I haven’t changed what I have in mind, I will still experiment with these and most often find something that I think works even better. The next steps are just more rendering and in the final just a unsharp mask to help visibility for web as well as tweak some edges.
Thanks for listening to me ramble :wink:


Thanks Tom for all of your post here! Thanks for the files, video, gif and any step by step. All of these little things for you are really precious for us.

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Those landscapes are so sweet - and great to see the step by step gif! Do you have gifs for the other pieces?

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All of your work is great, I always enjoy watching a recording of an artist working. Been following your sketchbook thread on conceptart for a long time.

I don’t know if anyone else is having a problem but it keeps saying the file is corrupted when I extract from this one-

Part One: Sketch to Block in to Face

I’ve downloaded it twice already and I get the same problem. :shrug:


Hecartha: Hehehe, seemed like a ramble. Glad you are enjoying the demos man, makes me happy :slight_smile:

Rebecca: Hmm, I’ll have to look at the other files but I’m not sure if they have much to look at or if I saved much of the progress. You do know they are all technically variations of the first right?

SirRon: Haha, really? Who are you on CA? Thanks for letting me know about the corrupt file, I downloaded it too and got the same result. Must have happened in the upload, thankfully I have a ‘hardcopy’, will re-upload it tomorrow. Thanks!


I’m on CA as Sirron :slight_smile: I have a sketchbook thread there but I don’t update it as often as the one here.

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Update below!


Landscape Demo and PSD:

PSD and Other Files:

If you’ll notice I’ve stretched the final result a bit, some other changes too probably… hehe. Also, I worked with the canvas flipped around a few times but changed it in the GIF to avoid confusion. Download the PSD for a closer look! :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions!


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Update below!


Landscape Walkthrough and PSD:

Okay! Figured I’d write this up while it was still fresh in my mind; happy that you guys are interested!
So, always nervous about sharing ‘trade secrets’, feels like a rumpelstiltskin moment - that and you find out just how much of a hack I am…

Full Res PSD: (A little small actually haha!)(14mb RAR file)

Notes: Final result is flipped horizontally. I actually worked back and forth at times, I felt it worked best as flipped in the final. Brushes used; default round brush! hehe. Settings; size at 70% minimum diameter, size to pressure, flow and opacity to pressure. Manual Opacity always at 100%, manual flow at 100% or 60%.

1 - Previous image used as resource, normally the borders would be transparent but saving as a JPEG doesn’t allow this.

2 - Something a little new for the process, just adding in some backdrop. This is a previous version that didn’t pan out.

3 - Check the PSD for more steps; here I am just playing with shapes some more. Duplicating parts of the canvas, flipping and transforming sometimes and using darken/lighting layer modes to combine.

4 - More shape play, I have some idea of what I want at times and other times no clue; just experimenting until something catches my eye. Note the crappy sihoulettes of that man popping up :expressionless:

5 - Clone Stamp and repainting. Covering seams and fleshing out the terrain a bit.

6 - Refining, painting. Note the cave in the bottom right, was again just playing with shapes but later decided against it.

7 - Oo, big change. This layer is actually a duplicate of all that is above, stretched out and transformed on a lighten layer. Take a closer look in the PSD if you please :slight_smile:

8 - Little bit more refinement and then a higher value slightly warm ‘glaze’ using a multiply layer. I did this not only to change the palette a bit but also I wanted to paint in some clouds and had lost my upper value range.

9 - Started the clouds, still taking it easy on my value range and not really committing to any firm shapes at the moment.