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Part Two: (seriously, what’s with the weak image count restriction?)

9. I’m going to use this texture on my favorite round brush. Minimum diameter is set to 70%, not too small - not too big.

10. I prefer to have opacity and flow to pen pressure on just about everything. I practically never touch manual opacity but manual flow is very handy.

11. Ok, back on topic! Tick the texture box and select our new texture. (Lil’ downward pointing triangle next to invert.) Set Mode to Subtract (But please play around with the other modes and see how you like it!) Invert is selected because I think it looks better - more like paint that get’s stuck between the texture rather than the texture of the canvas itself.

12. Save your new brush!

13. The end. Pat yourself on the back.


awesome tut !! as usual!!

thank you!


Saiko: Thanks :slight_smile: Glad you’ve stuck with me.[b]

3 Simple 30 minute Sketches: [/b]
Concentrating on simple techniques and process as well as the “remix” technique.

Part one:
Full Resolution Lossless Codec Video:
Full Resolution Lossless Codec Video: CLICK

Part Two:
Full Resolution Xvid Codec Video:
Full Resolution Xvid Codec Video: CLICK

Part Three:
Full Resolution Xvid Codec Video:
Full Resolution Xvid Codec Video: CLICK


Just yesterday only I was thinking that you haven’t updated this thread for quite some time…
and today morning I see such great addition!!
sometime telepathy really works! :wink:

Thanks a lot for the update!:slight_smile:

Do you use Opencanvas also?


IA, ur the man. Always love the updates. Always keep an eye on ur stuff. These are great (well actually I’ve only watched the first one so far… hehe)/ Huge respect for your effort towards the comunity. I will continue with the peer project soon :slight_smile: promise :slight_smile:
Thanks again yo :slight_smile:



wow…great updates…I so like these sketches…and I so like your brushwork…keep it up…Mr.T-Scholes…:bounce: :bounce:


saiko: Mm yeah I know, been so busy lately! Glad you liked the last post! I can’t stand Opencanvas, I just can’t paint with it for some reason. I should probably take some time and learn the settings but - meh hehe. cheers!
cavematty: Thanks dude, glad these and the peer project have been helpful - makes me happy. Take it easy.
minminxu: Thanks very much! will do!

Photostudy with PSD and Process
Crutches used: side by side with photo reference; use of level lines when needed to check proportions.

PSD: Lots more steps inside :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions you might have :slight_smile:

Reference: Three toed sloth if you are curious.


sorry for the double post!


This is just incredible (as always)!!
…and this is very different from anything you have posted on this thread before.

I was wondering about OpenCanvas, as some of your work has a very ‘OpenCanvas’ like quality!

What I like about OpenCanvas is that it’s really light and more responsive than any program I’ve used and has rotate canvas option (which I really miss in Photoshop) and it has a record event option which can capture the process into tiny file (compared to video).

For my professional (and serious) work I use Photoshop though.


I think I’ve learned more from your PSDs and step by step explanations than I have anywhere in the last month. hahaha.

REALLY solid thread! The more you post here, the better. Fantastic stuff.


saiko: thanks dood. A bit different yeah, same priniciples but different subject. I’ll get back to naked ladies and environments asap. OC is great for seeing how other people work both in the event files and the networked paintings. I really hate the brush though.
staticpen: Aww shucks, glad they are of use dude. Some new stuff for you then -

Photostudy with PSD and Process
Crutches used: side by side with photo reference; use of level lines when needed to check proportions.

Yul Brynner in “The Magnificent Seven”
Fantastic western, hadn’t seen it in awhile. Really well filmed too. It’s eastern progenitor “The Seven Samurai” is still better though :stuck_out_tongue:


Had to tweak the values - monitor is too dark I guess. Not sure if it’s any better now though. Was real good to work in just two values at the start - and really only ended up with three and the blends in between. Learned a ton about form.

Fishyfishfish Photostudy:
Is fish!

PSD: In layers, many more steps.


Ha! Now there’s a good movie to pull from. Great work, dude. Doing the 3-value thing seems too simple sometimes, but it really works.
And I don’t know about your monitor, but it looks pretty reasonable from mine. Just looks like you colored the light onto a dark canvas is all.


Another great addition T-S!!

What is the resolution you prefer to work with, in Photoshop? are these the native resolution what you are posting here or are you scaling it down to fit the width?

'Cause when working on a smaller image Photoshop responds amazingly fast… but in that case adding small ditails is little difficult. While working on a large image (in order to get a decent size for printing and to add small details) Photoshop becomes little sluggish.

What’s your trade off?


staticpen: Thanks dude. 3 values is simple, that’s the point! In everything you do for study - divide and conquer! By reducing the complexity you can focus on just a few things and excell at them. Anyhow, thanks dood!
saiko: Thanks much! In photoshop I tend to hover around 8000 pixels wide these days, no reason really - probably too big even. But I like having as much room as I can. I do work zoomed out most of the time though, better for composition. You are right, the larger you go the less responsive photoshop will be. If that’s the case reduce the size, much more important to be able to work properly. You can always resize (enlarge) your picture if added resolution in order to noodle things, just keep in mind that what you have enlarged might not look as nice.

Cheers, try and have something else up soonish.


Got a new demo, video even but I’m too lazy to update this;
Check my blog for this sort of stuff;
or my CA thread;


another really good one Tom !
thanks for posting. :slight_smile:


We love ya and will miss you around here, but will see you online I’m sure. :wink:


Really awesome Tom! Truly amazing paintings and its very useful to see the WIP stages. Your brushes apperantly didnt last foreeeever. They’re currently down. Could you please reupload them? thanks :slight_smile:



What happened here? This was my favorite thread. :cry:


Just in case you missed it from page 6; life just got too busy to update on so many forums.
Check my blog for new art,
and check my demonstration thread on CA for all demos:

Thanks guys!