Demoreel 2004 / Lighting & Design, François Gutherz (Animation)


Wow! I finally got to see your complete reel!
One thing, the motion of the butterfly doesn’t look that natural to my eyes.
Another thing would be the flickering in one of the hellboy shot, it’s too short for anyone
to understand what’s really happening :slight_smile:
Otherwise, great original piece of art!


5 stars.

amazing work… I love this edgy style so much, and the lighting is pretty good… Just downloading your reel.

keep up the amazing work!




after viewing the demo reel, you have officially entered my all stars hall of fame. :slight_smile:


  • Nice work. I really like the shots that look like minature sets. They are great!
  • I agree with the comments about the opening cuts switching too fast and the flickering hellboy.
  • The reel is nice in that it’s different from most and it has calm music. (A rare thing)


Amazing stuff. Everything has a very strong mood and a unique feel to it and I totally agree with your sentiments regarding style and realism.

Like many before I thought it was a shame some of the shots in the first part were cut so fast, and I also felt the Taj Mahal (kind of) building was really out of place and not up to par with the rest. Other than that it’s great.

… and I was wondering, what music is that?


This is an awesome video. You have a great artistic mind… everything seems to have a different touch of imagination to it, good work!


The problem with the vast majority of cg nerds is that they don’t know stellar design when it up and bites them on the ass. Such a refreshing take; we’re always drowning in the photoreal and corny. Kudos.


Finally :slight_smile:

Damn it’s so good to see all that together… From my point of view, you should take away the lake thing, it’s not matching your style.
But overall your demo rocks, like the editing and your great lighting…You already know that

Keep going :slight_smile:


Wow, great reel. I love your style. I like to see some different things. Nice job. Keep it up.


I really like the style of the tanks and some of the misc characters. They remind me somewhat of the work of niels jansson (

On a side note what is the music from? The piano sounds so familar but like it’s from something other than the other music.

Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Damn. Really impressive.

I don’t usually respond to plugs, but I just wanted to get in here and slap you on the back. Great job. Lovely lighting, eerie and beautiful all at once.

I say leave the more realistic outdoors pieces. It shows you have a broader scope than just your own style.

Again, I loved it all. I’m going to go watch it again. :smiley:



Great stuff you got there! I really like it. You surely know how to use lights and colors for creating different moods and feelings.



i like your style, great work on the reel. :slight_smile:


Very nice stuff!

It’s another side of 3d that is very appealing, I think also there is a great market for it.
Well done!



thats what this is:thumbsup:


Superb lighting! They shine amazingly!


Amazing ! I saw your site some times ago and i really liked it, your style and how you play with lighting… we can feel with your work that there’s so much possibilities in CG.

This reel is great mate, keep innovating because you do it well !

Good luck for the next :applause:


fcing great : )
enfin tu sais deja ce que je penses de ta 3D :wink:

5 * * * * *


Great stuff. impressive style. I think you got some neat things going on there:)

Whos made the music? I love that too:)


Wowowow, frontpage plugged! :stuck_out_tongue:

First i’d like to thank Ed Harris for his excellent book “How to get a Job in Computer Animation”, i found countless of precious advices in it.

Hey Zeb, long time no see, i guess California suits you more & more :slight_smile: Thx for the kind words !

Pufferfish, i was blown away by your ALien Landscape ! Great technical skills to create a very personnal vision, i love this !

Fost, thx pal!

The music “rapt: in the evening air” comes from an album by Art of Noise : the Seduction of Claude Debussy (i love AON)