Demoreel 2004 / Lighting & Design, François Gutherz (Animation)


Title: Demoreel 2004 / Lighting & Design

Name: François Gutherz

Country: France

Software: 3ds max LightWave 3D RenderDrive

Submitted: 19th November 2004

Here is my recent demoreel, mainly showing research in lighting & visual design.
Everything in it comes from my personal work except “TajMahal” & “Lake” sequence (made for a client).
All models are mine except the “Hippie lowpoly girl” by Masami Tanzi and the “Inkizitor” by Christophe Desse.
Thru this work i’m using the versatility of 3DCG in term of graphic design to find something between realism and stylized rendering.
Any feedback is welcome !
(link is above)
Demoreel 2004 - 640x480 - 25Mb MPEG file
Demoreel 2004 - 720x540 - 50Mb QT file


i love the stialized design…its a great image


Very nice work - great to see such a variety of styles and the music compliments the images well without being too distracting. Excellent stuff, but one tiny, tiny, TINY thing bugs me (no pun intended), but that butterfly doesn’t look right - I only notice it because I like that scene so much - it doesn’t seem to have enough “flutter” if that makes any sense.

Awesome work - best demoreal I’ve seen in a while.


this show reel his amazing … really fresh and inovative in item of design and lightning …

please dear moderator make it a frontpage … this stuff deserv it

for my part i give 5 star


great stuff
5 stars from me


fantastic art direction!

Camara rocks and lighting kick ass. I have my sound off when i view it. But I love it very much.


Inspiring! You have a much needed creativity. Great demoreel.


great great great real

very inspiring
still sitting here scrubbing through it asking myself “how did he do it” or “I want to do that to?” :smiley:

the first shots, the one in the woods and the houses (japan), look like made in a real carboard modell, I love that style so much.
also the sound is well chosen.

one little thing.
there is the scene where the tanks are standing in the fog and the flagg is waving in the middel. in reallity there is no fog when there is such a strong wind. happy that this is not reallity :thumbsup:


very good man… i love your style m8…very impressive…


Great stuff, awesome lightning and rendering… didnt like the cell shading stuff tho (cell shading never appeal to me)

Great work anyway :thumbsup:


wonderful and very inspiring design.
finally someone that is not obsessed by the technical element… also because of a great talent to manage it.



Hi François

Great work - odd & quirky!

As everyone has said, a refreshing change to a lot of the other CG material out there :thumbsup:

My Boss mentioned you a while ago, but I didn’t see the Reel, now I know why he liked it so much. I especially love the box robot (red background).



i really like your style but i think the presentation of the demoreel itself could use some work.

in the beginning it is very fast with short shots and hard cuts…could use with some more time in between cuts and more soft cuts…

other than that…i really like your style but i already told you that…



great stuff! :bounce:


just saw this. took an age to download on my excuse of a connection. but yes. worth every ounce of praise.

i see what youre trying to do with music sync but the opening shots could really do with more frames. those are excellent compositions and i think you should show them off a little bit more by showing them later in your film. i know that probably runs the risk of repetition. but then again.


HA that was one of the coolest artistic reels I’ve seen. Great job!


Thanks for the warm feedback everyone !! I Still have a lot of things to learn & practice, but your posts are really encouraging !!!

Siouxfire :
Indeed, the butterfly seems to be out of the scene ? May be I should focus on animation issues before even trying to animate a scene like this one.

Xtrem :
thx christophe ! I just saw your website update, you did so many characters over the past years ! Are you a machine ? :smiley:

Mimo8 : thankx for the tip about wind VS fog, i even didn’t know that :oops: Btw, what do your avatar stands for, it looks cool :smiley:

Acorn : Yes, imo too, the cell-shading require more work. I’m more interested in cell-shading when it come to render in real time openGl, these toon tests were done for real time display.

Francescaluce : yes, that’s true. CG Technology should always remain invisible, then only we can start to talk about images :slight_smile:

Digiguy team : wow, thanks for the kind words ! You’re doing some incredible stuff with Wardevil !

Nelis, Daihya : mmh, may be the cut is too hard, probably because it’s too tied to the music. Guess I have to make a softer synchronisation …


Top notch.

Really stunning, I’m jealous. Can’t really say any more than that.


Fraa, I hope you don’t remove that scene with the butterfly because of me! I love the way it pans to reveal the little robot hidden in the shadows - it’s just the fluttering of the butterfly’s wings seem a little slow to me - it’s a tiny issue and it’s probably just me, but that little bit is annoying me.


C’est excellent. J’aime bcp ton style lowpoly/cartoon.
Quel dommage que ta vidéo soit en .mpg, tu perds perds bcp en qualité. Tu devrais l’encoder en QT/sorenson.