DemOne(male head)


ggeIt’s been a while I haven’t posted some stuffs around here.Here’s the opportunity to fix that out with this new thread.
I’m proud of what some of the CgArtists achieve nowadays and for this reason I decided to join a very talented guy “M@lonet” for a collaboration.We gonna share this thread.I’m focusing on the face while M@lonet design the meca.

Some features of this head has been picked from Tom cruise.Perhaps it looks already familiar to you.

'Hope you’ll enjoy it. :wink:


That is some very nice modeling and sculpting work there. I will be following this thread and looking forward to updates. Keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


damn looks terrific. to be honest i directly recognize the similarity with tom cruise. at first i thought it was him actually. That nose is so unique :smiley: . Anyways, the forms are perfect and the skin details looks so real , great face man :slight_smile:

What a pleasure to see a new thread from you , and i m sure what malonet is going to do will kick some ass too, he works at ILM so what can we except but awesomness :stuck_out_tongue: .

By the way, it would be cool if you could share some inside info on how you did the skin details ( showing your custom alphas … )


Hey stuzzi,

I still remember your old threads and if you believe or not: A few days back I thought of your work and browsed your web, but couldn’t find any updates. Seeing your current WIP is great and I am happy you still do that awesome stuff.

The head looks already very good and has got plenty of character. Only thing I would criticize is that the eyes may be a bit too small. But that could have been your intention…

Cool then, waiting for more awesomeness :wink:



Hi all

please find there my first studys of the armor design
i ll make some change , nothings is fixed for this time …its just some research uncomplteted…

for this production ; the armore ll be presented open , completly open ! ! ! thanks to be cool , its a full wip…enjoy
i hope you "ll like it

thanks COLLINGS for your trust

sans le masque


promizing beginning !
Keep the good work .



excellent face…can only imagine what it will look like with good skin shader. probably like real life :wink:

btw, the image used in your icon of the girl with a coiled snake…i love it. it was one of the first cg images that really grabbed me, and was my wallpaper for months!


cool! at first glance that suit reminds me of crysis. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats wicked… i like the sculpt its very realistic and the armor shapes are cool. nice work!


Thanks dudes,I do appreciate that.

thanks a lot!M@lonet is doing a kickassing job on it.He makes me proud.
I’ll show some textures for sure.

Wowww!thanks for this kind words.
I’m always surprised when people talk about my old wips.It’s been such a long time I haven’t show anything.You should have a good memory!

I just update this thread with a texture color,you’re now able to tell if it’s like in real life or not :wink:
I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the girl with snake picture(Opus premier).I Had the same wallpaper as you but the uncensored version :D.

Here’s the update.Some stuffs to fix for sure such as Eyebrows that gives a weird look at the regard.I guess it is a essential feature especially for this type of character.


Keep the good work guys… (a little too much dof maybe?)


very good job stuzzi ! its a good motivation for me to see him
keep the best , see ya buddy


yeah the texture and shading looks great’ The problem with the eyes in my opininn is that the eyelids could be a bit thicker and i also think that the Iris is too big, would be better if it was slightly smaller :wink:


Really cool renders you got, this will be a thread to learn a lot from.


Wow! :eek: A stuzzi and kadd collaboration?!? Should be awesome with that talent! Looks like you guys have an excellent start! I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Subscribed! :cool:


Superb!! Nicely done man. :slight_smile:


Hey Stuzzi, I’m glad to see you’re back :slight_smile:


great job.
maybe a little bit noise on eyes reflection…

keep it up!


Very impressive work. My one crit on the face is that the corners of the eyes are wierding me out a bit. something feels off


Aaargh, too much chromatic aberration… :slight_smile: