Demon princess, changmu liu (2D)


Title: Demon princess
Name: changmu liu
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

This is a picture of 2008, with a long time in the depiction of details.
Until the final because patient enough or some place to compare the tail of grass,
But still has some of the harvest


great work!i love it


great image!


wonderful! so colorful and beautiful details!


I’ll take your word for that she’s a ‘demon’. Other-worldly certainly. Love the flower ornament in her hair (very detailed). I like her environment with the organically designed curves of the walls. That, more than anything else, tells me that she’s at least not human. I like the folds and tatterings of the costume and how it wraps around her at certain areas. The wings on the little creatures are good, although a couple aren’t aligned right for the position of the body (very subtle, don’t worry). A very strong piece. Great job.


great piece, i really like the style employed here. The mood is ethereal and soothing, yet charged with life and energy. Great work


i really like this work!good luck :slight_smile:


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