Demon Princess, Alexandra Knickel (2D)


Title: Demon Princess
Name: Alexandra Knickel
Country: Germany
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This painting restest unfinishd on my HD almost 2 years, started back then as a practice for embroidery and stuff.
While beeing a very generic “girl in a gown” setting I wanted to finish it to see how far I would come with that genre and if I would like it.

Ref used for gown, all handpainted from scratch


great character piece! one of the best pieces of your portfolio. love the color scheme and integration of detail.


very good detailing and i love what you did with the hair. Transforming it into a bird, nicely done. 5 stars.


beautifullll! i like how you did her hands.


really nice! I love your color choice and the hair concept.



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