demon knight w.i.p


(not sure if the image is going to load)
This is a model I’m working on for my portfolio… any suggestions are welcome.


post a wire if you really want ppl to critique.


Nice job so far. He seems to have a really thick muscular neck, yet his arms are very skinny. Buff up his arms and I think it will look better.


Possibly a little more size and definitition in his limbs and try unblocking his nostrils. There is another level of detail you could go to but you would need to read up on anatomy a bit . But actually he’s not too far off the mark. keep it going you’ve done well so far.


Yo ill be mean i want to

  • You don’t have good proportion
  • The smooth on the armor makes it Ugly
  • It’s an Orc With hard nec hark Jaws but really small Teeth
  • his Orn doesn’t seam to be plugged on him
  • Give him attitue it’s a brute

Your mesh is not so bad with a bit of work it’ll be good :slight_smile:


Mystik, should I correct your grammar and spelling in your crit? just kiddin. :smiley: Not sure what you mean by the smoothing makes it look ugly, if by the dark areas that aren’t smoothing correctly, I’ll be making another pass to clean some of that up… I was thinking about making the teeth bigger… the attitude as well, still working on the face I’ll be sure to try and emphasize the meanness… Really, at this point, there’s a lot of work to be done as far as the model quality goes, I was really looking for maybe suggestions for the asthetics of the thing, like what you mentioned about the teeth. What about the proportions don’t you like, the arms? they aren’t finished, lol.

O.K. does anyone have any tips on how I’d go about texturing this model, I’ve never mapped a smoothed object before. I’d like to have the uv’s layed out on a map where I could do a lot of the work in photoshop rather than in something like Deep Paint.


Sorry dude i’m not english that’s why my crits ar bad i can’t sasy more :S sorry

but if your modeling is not finishe plz give it a minimal of proportion…look at some human or cerature references…

mabe french will give better crits :slight_smile:


I was just giving you a hard time, no need to apologize. I didn’t know you weren’t english. I should have mentioned when I origionally posted it that parts of the model were still rough.


the detail level and lack of muscle is a big problem on the arms. they look very out of place from the neck and head.


totally agree with phaz. The luck of muscular systems everywhere in his body is very obvious.
I think you should start by working with his hands and by making some veins and some details like you have worked on the neck( which is good by the way ). I think you are on the right track! I will subscribe to this one and see how you are progressing !


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