Demon Dance, Blaz Porenta (2D)


Title: Demon Dance
Name: Blaz Porenta
Country: Slovenia
Software: Photoshop7

This is my last work i did in my free time for my girlfriend. Just something to cheer her up :slight_smile:
I started with simple quick pencil sketch and than painted over in PhotoShop7. I spent whole 5 days to finish that piece, mostly because i wasnt satisfied at all with the result. But the pic has to be finished someday, so i said thats it… no more corrections, no more adds, this is it. The final piece.
Any feedback is most welcome, what do u think, what do u feel… anything at all :slight_smile:

>> Hi resolution image <<


nice piece, good theme and colors
is that girl your gf? then u must be the other guy, who i suppose is the devil >:)
btw, did u use a tablet?


Great piece. It’s interesting how the woman’s hand, judging by the detail, is grabbing the demon with a fierce grip.


Thnx to both of u for taking ur time and posting a coment :slight_smile:
That is my girlfriend indeed and i used the tablet. If I am that red demon under her… hm… simbolicly yes, but fortunately I dont look like him :smiley:


i like this pic, wonderful colors!


that color stole the mind!!!

very very interesting!!!


very impresive work …
colours are very nice… really nice clothe feel …


I love it man…one thing though…I think the left hand is more acurate than the right one…just my opinion…

my work:


nice work…but her near arm is WAAAAY too long.


thnx guyz! her right arm is supposed to be that long… but its not meant to be disturbing :confused: i guess i didnt succeeded in presentation… next time :slight_smile:


Hi NinjaASSN, you have a very interesting graphic presentation. Take care of the proportion though. If the demon’s head is nearer to the viewer, it should be larger than the lady’s.


thnx jeromoo! I appreciate ur comment! I also checked ur porfolio and I must say that any suggestion of urs is most valuable. :slight_smile:


This is really a fine paint.Fashinating subject and colors.:thumbsup:


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