Demolition Master 1.2 released - A destruction tool based on ThinkingParticles


Watch the new demo video!

Software Requirements: 3ds max 2010, 2011,2012 or 2013 with Thinking Particles 4 or 5. FumeFx is also supported but not necessary.

New features in Demolition Master 1.2

[li]Export rollout exports geometry and debris.[/li][li]New “Custom objects” rollout. Send objects to any group and track their motion.[/li][li]Added new group: “Deflector activation”: Objects on this group will break materials based on shape.[/li][li]Changes for activators: Now activators will break “concrete big objects”, “concrete small objects” and “wood objects”.[/li][li]Activators can be created procedurally based on impact point. Use distance, degree, propagation, time and delay options.[/li][li]DM 1.2 is created with TP5, offering full support for TP5.[/li][/ul]

Demolition Master is available for purchase on



That looks pretty good to me…

Its amazing how many demolition plugins are being developed these days.


There are big difference between plugin and blackbox


What is a blackbox?


Node network with exposed controls to simplify work.
Like compound in ICE or Digital asset in Houdini.
TP used something similar


Im still waiting for a demolition plugin that calculates fracturing on actual internal forces and realistic material properties, hopefully some day…


I’ve been having the same though as CHRiTTeR, in the sense that the structure is not considered… but that would require a true physically based approach…

Most effects on movies and cinematics, reels, etc, looks like made of peaces of relatively even dimensions, totally unproportional with the structure of the object… (IMO ofcourse…)


For this you will need a finite elements approach, like sap2000, ARSAP or ansys, you can do what you look for, but you will need high knowladge on structural analysis and calculation times x10000 or something like this.


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