Demoing DeepPaint w/ XSI


Ghosttown in here

I just downloaded the 30 day demo for DeepPaint and since none of their tutorials or manuals will open on their site, I was wondering if anyone could help me get this app to work with XSI.

I installed the PS plugin and .xsiaddon, but other than opening a blank document in the core app, I can’t do anything else.

Any tips, thoughts or flaming? :smiley:


Well I have figured out how to import the model into DeepPaint, but what is the XSI plugin for??? Painting on the model is fun… definitely worth more investigation.


You might try asking here…


I work with Max or Maya with DeepPaint but it should work the same for XSI I would think. With the plugin, from your 3D app you should be able to ‘send’ the model and any applied textures to Deeppaint to work on. As long as both programs remain running and the connection between the two isn’t broken you can ‘send’ back to your 3D app from DeepPaint. Your 3D app should automatically update any changes made. There should be a Photoshop plugin for DeepPaint as well allowing you to shuttle from your 3D app to DeepPaint to Photoshop and back again very easily. DeepPaint has terrible masking capabilities and using filters in DeepPaint can sometimes cause the program to crash which can be frustrating. From DeepPaint I’ll send my textures to Photoshop for anything needing those features or for doing quick simple flips then shuttle them back to DeepPaint. Once you’ve tried that setup you’ll see how convenient it is to shuttle from one app to another with a single click.

Any other questions please feel free to ask. DeepPaint is one of my favorite programs. I intend to keep checking the DeepPaint forum on a regular basis from now on and get more involved in participating in the various forums here in general. Seems like this section could use a little livening up. I’ve been thinking about maybe creating a couple DeepPaint tutorials if there is any interest out there. Let me know if there is anything you would like more info on in DeepPaint and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.


Tantramancer, there is definitely intrest in the subject.

I am looking into Bodypaint and right after or maybe at the same timeI would also download the demo of deep paint 3d and try to see what the main differences are.

I did try deep paint 3d somewhere around last year and did not get good results.

I had problems with the UV’s but I am working on that.

I do have a question about deep paint 3d : Do I really have to import in max a .3ds file saved in deep paint 3d?. Because it changes the mesh.

Can I model in max, fix UV’s in max, bring the model to deep paint 3d, paint and paint and paint and then load the texture maps into max to fully texture the model. Keeping the model saved in 3ds max.

Or do you think that I should absolutely resave the model as a .3ds in deep paint 3d and then import into max.

Does it add anything to the model.

Also hoping that the steps are about the same in maxon body paint.

Your thoughts on this would be welcome.

Thanks in advance and yes any tips or tutorials regarding this subject would be real nice.


IIRC, DP3D and BP3D both come with Max plugins for quick export right into the paint program… no .3ds export needed. Wasn’t it part of your install?


EricChadwick is right. No export/import is needed, at least in the full version. Not sure if the demo includes the necessary plugins. When the DeepPaint plugin is installed into Max’s plugins directory DeepPaint should be accessible through your ‘Utilities’ tab in Max. From that utility all the necessary model and texture information necessary get’s sent to DeepPaint. If DeepPaint isn’t already open just sending the model from the utility in Max will automatically open it in DeepPaint. When you are done in DeepPaint it’s just a one button click in DeepPaint to have it automatically update your textures on your model back in Max. No need to deal with 3DS files.

Right Hemisphere also makes a companion program to DeepPaint called DeepUV which is primarily for unwrapping a model and laying out it’s UV’s. It’s been pretty nice to use but since upgrading to Max 6 I don’t think DeepUV is as necessary any more, especially for around an $800 pricetag. Max 6 incorporated alot of similar features to DeepUV into it’s own UVW editor. Some big improvements over previous versions of Max. If you are still using Max 4 or 5 I would recommend looking into trying out DeepUV also. If you have Max 6 then don’t bother. It’s accessed in Max the same way DeepPaint is.

I really don’t know much about Bodypaint. I briefly tried out a demo of the first version and felt that Deeppaint had a much shorter learning curve and better layout of the interface at that time. Right Hemisphere deliberately tried to make the layout of DeepPaint as similar to Photoshop as possible so people could learn it faster. That was a big plus when I first started using it. It only takes a couple of work days using it to become very comfortable with DeepPaint for any task you might need it for. I wouldn’t let that put you off on trying BodyPaint though. Some people in other threads of CGtalk have been telling me how much BodyPaint has improved in the second version. I’m probably going to give the new version of Bodypaint a try as soon as I have a little time free to experiment.


Thanks for the answers and the help both of you, I think I was trying too hard to understand the use of the export functions for the models. I guess it is more to convert the models.

I am going to try harder on both Deep paint 3d and Bodypaint.
They look very familiar…ok the menu isn’t the same and bodypaint looks a little like a 3d program but the palettes are similar…at first glance… I think.

I am using 3ds max 5 and I think that for the time being I will use max for the UV editing. I feel the need to learn and practice the basics in max and then explore the other tools available.

EX: I know how to use character studio a bit but I also enjoy creating all the bones of a character myself.

Thanks again !


No problem. Glad I could be of some help. By the way Max 6 has a vastly improved UVW editor over previous versions of Max that’s more or less equivalent to many of the features you can find in DeepUV. It has some similar features. Not sure if you were planning on upgrading to the next version of Max yet.


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