Demo Reel (WIP)


After spending a year stuck in a dark corner developing stocks trading system in Wall Street, I decided to move forward. Finally, I managed to put together a demo reel while staring at the tickers everyday. All comments and critiques are welcome.

I originally come from Vancouver (nice that so many VFS people here). Get a Master degree in Computer Science from Cornell University (any Cornellian here?). Hope to improve technical and artistic skills.

Really appreciated,


Anyone here? Any C&C, please.


Hello there. Really nice cloth work you have there! Some more animations would be really nice. The old lady running and jumping at the beginning is very nice. The only problem I see is there’s not very much weight when she actually comes down and lands on her foot. She seems very light as she lands. Especially considering her size, heheh, there is alot of mass to come down on that foot.

I know I’ve seen that model before too, it’s from the short film with the two old ladies? I enjoyed it. It was sad though :frowning:

keep up the good work and don’t let those tickers get you down!


Hi Chiko, thank you for your C&C. Very appreciated. And it is very grateful to hear you enjoyed my short film.


I thought that the animation was nicely done. The secondary motions are quite nice. Although it seems like its running at half speed. It would nice to see it play at normal speed as well. Also as Chiko stated it would be nice to see more animations, especially if you plan on landing an animation gig.


Hey, there is some nice stuff on here, especially the old lady. Your title says WIP so I hope you don’t mind some crit. You might want to start thinking about narrowing down the content of your demo reel depending on the job you want. Do you want to be an animator? Modeler? Cloth/sim guy? A generalist is a rare job these days (however still out there) but to impress a future employer you should think about directing things in one direction.

And about your cloth stuff, you need to show it in a “real” situation exactly like the old lady. Anyone can do a tutorial of cloth falling on a ball (or other object). Take it in a direction that’s going to impress a studio. They’re going to want to look at it and say “wow we don’t have anyone that can do that we need to get this guy” not, “oh cloth falling on a ball, our IT guy could learn that in a day”. So more real production style examples of cloth sim will be much more impressive then cloth falling on objects.


Thank you for all your comments. Very helpful and useful.

Actually, with the skills and works I have, I am not quite sure what position I should aim for.
But being a graduate in computer science, I think I am more keen to tackle technical problems in computer graphics. Eg, shading/rendering, dynamics, muscle, etc.

For the bunch of cloth sim videos, it is a demo for a cloth simulator I programmed for a graduate course. It is based on the papers by Baraff & Witkin, Bridson & Fedkiw. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to integrate any geometry other than sphere and polygons.

I think the description on my reel doesn’t explain the content clearly. I have composited a newer version (it is waiting to be verified in Google).

Again, thank you very much for all your comments.


Update for the reel. Thanks!


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