demo reel w.i.p.


I’d like to post the progress I make on my demo reel as I go. This is the last semester for me, so it’s all coming down to this effort. I really want to get this right. So, (if it’s ok with our esteemed moderators) I’m gonna post multiple models as I go: a man, a car, a woman, a werewolf, a baby, another man, a horse, and a building.


I had a horse, but lost it, tragically, so Imma do another one. The baby and the other guy are yet to be started and the building is still way to unfinished to post. Serious critiques would be, how you say, much appreciated.



Nice models - check the length of the arms on your humans, though. When arms are at a person’s side, the tip of the middle finger is about 3/4 of a hand length up from the knee. Your male model looks like his arms are short, but that could just be an optical illusion, I’m not sure.



Thx, Midozolam. I think it is an optical thing; here’s a front view

he’s just stocky, that’s all.


The arms on the dude shouldnt drop down like that, if you extend your arm straight out the shoulder is at the same hight as the arm. There might be some muscle bulge, but it wouldnt make the arms lower.


Yeah, it does look too low. This is what I used as reference:


So I changed the head of the woman. I wanted her to be to have a face that is specific and expressive. Gonna do blend shapes on her head soon.

Still got to do (read: redo bcz smooth proxy twice gives all sorts of problems) the clothes of the first man. Still tryin to fix seams in the car.

Also, this is not gonna be part of my demo reel, but I’m workin on it so I might as well post it. It’s a chess set. Gonna be a gift for someone.

Will post more later this week.


Here’s a shot of the building I’m doing. It’s an oldie that I’m spiffing up.

and this is a capital that I’m gonna use for the portico columns:

I was told that I need to finish at least one model this week. And so I’m gonna shoot for the male model. I am drinking so much coffee. cobra!

not gonna have the blend shapes done, tho.


progress on the chess set.

back to work.


the arms are a bit short on the man, as are his legs. He’s missing a good definition of the ribcage chest barrel (the inverted u beneath the pecs where the abs intesect it), and there is no seperation between the pecs. His collarbone is not distinct from his pecs. His serratus muscles are too far forward and should be interlaced. The rearmost set are ok, but the ones that are just about to touch the abs are way too far forward. Also there is an indentation between the pecs and the abs.
Head and legs look good though (though what looks like the “tensor fascia lata” is a bit on the bulgy side: this is a freaking awesome site

The woman looks okay, though her belly button is very high.

The arms and neck on your werewolf need work. The arms look very short and out of proportion, and rather out of place without a shoulder to attach to.

A bit harsh and all, but this is your demo reel (goodluck!). The chess set is really cool


Wow, thank you so much! Exactly what I needed. Okay so, the man and woman, duly noted. On the werewolf, the arms set so that its form is more like that of a wolf than a man, ie. its gonna be more on all fours. The fact that it has human hands is supposed to be grotesque, kinda like seeing a possum up close for the first time. It’ll be clearer when I pose it. I’ll post as I make the changes.


So here is the 1st guy with adjustments as per Goon’s suggestion.

and shirt and pants.

more to come.


Some nice work you got here.
Minor thing which may be nothing, but the female’s ear seems like it could use a little more definition on the upper interior. It just seems a little neglected. But there are a lot of different ear shapes out there, and I don’t know if you’re using reference. Not a big deal, just the first thing I noticed. The female model looks pretty good, but I’d have to agree with 47Gut that the navel seems a bit high, but I’ve not seen your reference.
The male model’s torso looks a little off. The abs look like they are sticking out farther then his pecks and ribcage. In my opinion, I would either pull the abs in a bit to define that upside-down “U” shape the rib cage makes, or just expand the ribs and pecks out a bit. And the pecks look a little flat. If you get a chance to post a side view and true 3/4 (where he’d be turned to the left more) this may not be the case. The cleft down the middle is a nice start, but it’s too even all the way down. And the cleft would probably taper outward at the top and bottom of the muscles. Also, the arms still seem a bit low in conjunction with his shoulder height. After seeing the reference for him I can see kinda where the problem started. The reference model isn’t holding his arms straight out. His eblow is a bit down, and then his hand is lifted back to shoulder height to seem as though his arms are straight out. The top of the arm should, in my experience, be at the same level as the low part in the shoulder (between the neck and shoulder-bulge). I think this is what 47Gut was basically saying.
Sorry if this sounds harsh and nit-picky, but I’ll be expecting hard, honest criticism from everyone when I start posting stuff for my reel too. And I love the chess-set btw. It must have taken a lot of hours to get all those animals modeled. Do you by chance try to keep track of how long things take to complete?
Peace man.:smiley:


Hey Joe, thx for the crits. I’ll change the ear. In regards to the arm, I direct you to this site: . I’m guessing this guy is not typical bcz other people have pointed the same thing to me. Will find other reference. heh. Imma change the chest too, but the pecs wont be too far forward bcz his arms are up. You’ll see the difference when his arms are down.

As for how long it takes, it varies a lot. There is a range, if you will. The chess set goes pretty fast, about 2-3 hours per model, bcz the only things that get any amount of detail, in the chess set, are the heads. Sometimes there are parts of different models that I can reuse. For the heads of the human models, I’m pretty darn fast now, about 3-5 hours per head, using the box method bestowed upon me by the most excellent Tareq Mirza (I’m in his organic modeling class. But for those interested in his method, here is his site: The car took longer bcz I had to figure out the tangency between surfaces (pretty typical: attach/detach, attach/ detach, and then still you gotta use the various melscripts to get points straight across, then check tesselation for renders, etc., etc., etc.) so it took awhile. Parts of this and last semester. Approximately. I’m not sure how long it took. Anyway, thx again Joe.


So here is the finished set.

I’m not quit happy with the bases on the pawns and rooks. Anyone got any suggestions? Aaand back to the demo reel.


have you tried seeing what the bases/characters looked like smoothed? Or maybe just the bases could have a smoothed look to them (this might create an interesting contrast to the chiseled look of the animals). Or do you want that blocky-look to be consistent through-out. Are you going to texture them? To be honest, I’d love to see those animals smoothed, and a frosted/clear glass or marble texture on them.
And that’s the Pantheon, right? It’s really hard to get a sense of how it looks by just a wireframe (so much there, it’s just a mishmash of intersecting edges). Could we see perhaps wireframe on shaded version? And perhaps a production still (if/when you get a second)?


hi, very nice models you have there,

one thing to crit is on the male models; knee cap,

i think you shouls pay a little more attention to detail on it. it looks a little too soft comparing at the overall musculature of the entire character model. and although you are following a model ref, i think the arc on the arm; bicept to forearm; is a little too exagerated, maybe soften it out a bit, because right now it does not look like the model’s arm has enough weight to bring it down so much. but on thte ref model it does look like it. your model is a bit more skinny than the ref model.

otherwise great job.


Sorry for not replying. I’ve been workin steadily tho and here are some pics:

and for you Joe,

need to focus on other things tho, so I’ll post on the pantheon as I get closer to it. Thx for the input, guys. Keep on keepin on.


An update on the baby:


my instructor thinks i am overreaching myself. i want to make an amazing demo reel, but he thinks i wont be able to finish the models that i said i wanted to do. i dont think i hop around from model to model without finishing, but he’s not convinced. i thought i made good progress on some of them, but i’m second-guessing myself now. don’t know if i should just scrap my plans for the models i wanted or keep goin. will keep postin as i decide.


You have good modellign skills. I would try to set up a timeline of what projects you want to finish and when so your reel doesent come out too late. Have you thought about textures for the pieces? I think two shades of a smothed marble would be nice.