Demo Reel Obstacle Course WIP


Working on a bit of an obstacle course of sorts for my end of year demo reel. Let me know what you think of this portion, the course is longer but this is the most polished section of it so far.

The idea is to chain together a bunch of different types of character movements, try to demonstrate some animation principles and whatnot. Please, any C+C is appreciated.




Hi Foist!
The walk at the start feels very stiff and lacks sideways movement on the hips,
The run seems to hold for too long on the extended poses.
The slow down to the walk seems a bit odd, like he is leaning too far backwards for the relatively slow speed he was running at.
And then the shot seems to end just before the guy can actually land, and its really off putting to the viewer. So maybe you should try finishing the jump off.

Hope that helps.



Thanks for your feedback, Yasha. I’m definitely still working hard on the walk and run so I’ll see to those tweaks you suggested. Its always nice to get a fresh set of eyes on something I’ve been working on.




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