Demo Reel - Marek Schneider


Hi all!

  I want to present my lastest Character TD reel here :D

It comes in 3 flavours:
 [xvid avi]( : 720x540, 40.8 Mb

     [sorensen quicktime]( : 640x480, 76.6 Mb

     [mpeg 1]( : 640x480, 32.6 Mb

I hope you like it! C&C most welcome :)



Some really nice fluent looking movement on your rigs there. Congrats for being on the front page! Curious what software was used myself.


Actually, Messiah must have been used - just noticed the original link was in the Messiah forum.


that’s really good. I wish I had your talent… now go out and get a job!!!


…WOW. Very impressive TD reel. Probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be suprised to see a handful of film studio recruiters frothing at the mouth over this work. Just make sure you don’t take the first offer, wait and chose the best one.


wow…that is absolutely amazing man, love the rigs.

And I thought that I wanted to pursue a career in rigging and animation…I guess I’ll stick to my animations until I can do those type of rigs.

very awesome :applause:

just wondering, do you have any suggestions for rigging references or any tips for us rigging wannabes :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job man


tale keepers


Agreed, simply amazing!! One of the best rigging reel I’ve ever seen so far. Strangely, it’s on messiah. :slight_smile: Makes me want to try it.


I’ve no word after having been watching your reel.
Absolutely amazing :bowdown:

Alberto Gelpi

PS. Would you like to rig the characters for our TV series??? :rolleyes:


Again, as already said in the other thread, thanks to everyone for all your nice comments and the frontpage - whoooohooooo!!! :scream::bounce::buttrock::smiley:

And yeah, it’s all messiah :slight_smile:



Really is one of - if not the best - td reel I have seen. Great stuff.


very well done.

I particularly liked the orange fish rig… how did you approach the deformation of the collar on the fat guy ?


PROPS! Wonderful work - you have a successful career ahead of you! :wink:



Difficult to explain in short - basically it’s a key driven curve deformation…


That was amazing :slight_smile: I really enjoyed watching it :slight_smile: I could see early that this was going to be good, so congrats for your work. It stands out!

Working as an animator who has animated boats with faces and seagulls I have to say that your rigs would be handy. Your facial setup is very simular to ours and it’s a good way to work on faces. The wing rig is excellent really…


Really great job! Very nice rigs that seem like they would be great to work with. I really like the flexability you put into the cat character’s rig, the tail set up is really nice.


Sweet rigging reel! I really liked the cartoony stuff you have going in there. Also, props on the orange fish rig.





First let me say your reel and your work are excellent. Fun, well-presented material that demonstrates your obviously exceptional ability. A few things I found particularly interesting include; the fun way in which you demonstrated the versatility of your rigs, the well-thought out designs of all models and your apparent understanding of principles of animation, the variety of styles in which your work could be used. All in all an excellent portfolio. If I actually worked in the industry and was hiring I would hire you.

Cheers, John


Amazing stuff, very professional and well done. :thumbsup: