Demo Reel in the making


********** We’ve Moved the Thread **********

I’m gonna take the best advice so far and move this thread from Animation WIP to 3D Still WIP.

Thanks dbalmert. Makes a lot more sense. I only had it in here because it wasn’t exactly a still. However you’re correct, it applies much more over there.

Hope everyone still follows and critiques. See ya soon!

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.
      Over the last year I have been working as a surfacer/mentalray artist at a very fun print/commercial studio here in the Los Angeles area, however I am ready to turn it up another notch and embark on a new adventure.
      This thread is my journey in creating a Demo Reel with friend and modeler Fausto Tejeda which will earn me a job as a Texture/Surface Artist and Fausto a job as a Character Modeler in the film industry. 
      We're looking forward to feedback from everyone :bowdown:


We took today to plan out our reel. After checking out what made some of the recent successful reels and what we want to do, we came to the conclusion that our reel will contain the following:

  1. Stylized/Toony Character

  2. Monster

  3. Human

  4. Mech

What’cha think…?

  1. Stylized/Toony Concept

        For our first character we have chosen to create a 3D version of [i]Birdish-Dragon-Thing[/i] by Florian Satzinger ([](  I can spend hours and hours on end just staring at his amazingly creative work.  His work brings me right back to my childhood. 
        Cool concept?


Fausto finished the base mesh for “Birdragon”


Grinding away into the wee hours of the night. Here’s the uv layout I just finished…




I know there are several images to view uv layouts on models, but here’s mine. You are more than welcome to use it, edit it, or print it and… you get the point :surprised


wow wow…looking great! very fast work! i can tell this is going to be a great thread to watch :slight_smile:


Woa Super cool, This looks like a very fun project, and i really like the character choice you made. Very intriguing concept. Will there be animations involved? You guys are very fast, and all from one image… !!

Can’t wait to see more!


Wow! Amazing work! By the way thank you for the checker texture!


It’s coming along great.

The face needs more texture space, though. In a typical model, the thing that gets the most texture space is the face/head because it’s the focus. The tail could probably stand to lose a lot more.


Simply awesome work so far and cant wait to see the rest. Good luck with your adventure guys i am sure you will come out, victorious.


Have been pulling 12 - 14 hour work days… HOWEVER… we’ll be posting updates tonight.
Eager for more feedback. These forums are great.

FalseCathedral - Thanks for the support. I’ll surely be looking for your input when it comes time for compositing and putting the reel together.

Wozner - Big thanks and your welcome… enjoy! Let’s see some uvLayouts :slight_smile:

dbalmert - You’re totally right about giving the head more texture space. Thanks a lot for that one.

Nucleo - Thanks so much for the support… hope we don’t let ya down haha

Again, Thanks A lot for taking the time out to give support and feedback! :thumbsup:


Looking really good - will definitely keep my eye on this!

Keep it up!


such an awesome concept and grt uvs .keep rocking ~


Hey everybody… here are the new uv’s. We made some minor topology changes. Waiting on Fausto’s final zBrush sculpt and then its on to texturing.


Looking great so far!
I can’t wait to see you get started. Unfortunately I know nothing about shading, so I can’t give you much critisism on that part, but I’ll surely be following this process :slight_smile:

Cheers and best of luck!


Thanks for the support and feedback so far everyone… still just waiting for the sculpt


is so interasting to see the way u do it


Hey everybody, thanks so much for all the feedback —> Keep It Coming.

Here is the sculpt. We wanted to keep it stylized but add a little of our own flavor without getting too far from the original concept… what’cha think?

Not sure about the feathers yet… we’re defnitely open for any suggestions and possible reference anyone may have as to how to keep the feathers cohesive with the rest of the Birdragon but stylized. Gonna be a toughy perhaps.


(oops) (oops)