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[color=white]I have been working putting together a portfolio site and demo reel, before I finalize anything for the time being I would greatly appreciate some c&c. I started a while ago, but was put on hold for 2 months, went backpacking around Europe :slight_smile: But now IÂ’m keen to get going again, I plan on applying for some modeling/texturing jobs in the game industry up in Vancouver BC.[/color]

My portfolio site is at:
let me know what you think of the site and the portfolio works.

Also i need critiques on my demo reel im putting together (requires xvid):
for some reason this forum can’t accept url’s with square brackets, so goto the portfolio page here: to download the demo reel.



YAY, nuthing can be found. The demo reel isn’t there and you’re webpage consists of 404, there’s nuthing there, except for some pictures.


hmm the site loads fine…? if you get a 404 error… can you let me know where, i get none.

the url i had for the demo real on my first psot didn’t work because it has square brackets in it, wont work on this forum for some reason, no worries just download from the site: :thumbsup:


I think your portfolio site takes too long to load. Every time I go to a new picture that spinning box comes up for a few seconds. That will probably turn people off to your site. You shouldn’t worry about fancy flash stuff. From what I understand potential employers want to see your stuff as quickly and as easily as they can. If they’re just watching a spinning box they might dismiss your site and go right on to another. Make it as quick and easy to navigate as you can.


Hey, trevor, the site loads fine for me, but that’s probably because I live in BC too. :slight_smile:

…there is however a slight delay between pages and I get some kind of “PHP Access Violation” error. :shrug:


Your site has a neat layout and nice design. But I agree it’s a bit slow to navigate. The links you provide isn’t very intuitive either. The links on the top right, I expect it to have links to your 3D and 2D stuff too. But instead your 2D 3D links are hidden inside the “project” page and took me a while to see it. When I look at portfolio’s site, I expect to see still images first and if they are impressive i’ll go ahead and load the reel. Your site is just the way around, you link me to the movie and hide still shots somewhere inside.

and hey… 42Mb for an AVI? upload some smaller version man : /


Hmm yah my web server has been taking a beating lately, so might be a bit slow i might put my site on another server for the time being.

I think i will take off all flash from all pages except the index to make it load faster… but there actually pretty small file sizes.

As far as the 42mb avi, that was the least i could get it without it getting really artifacty. Does anyone have any recommended settings for encoding in Xvid or DivX? or another format even?
[edit] i re-encoded a version in divx with a higher bit rate and high motion, now its 33Mb, so a bit better.

Also it would be nice to get some feedback on the reel itself.


canadaka, I checked it out again and the link you gave in the first post, works a bit, but the browser can’t find the page in the LeftTopCorner, the link in your second post works fine. I use Opera as my main browser, so that might be the problem. Havn’t seen the demoreel yet, but 33Mb is still a lot…


… hmm most demo reel si’ve downloaded off these forums have been around 50mb
for 3min of video to not look like crap, can’t get much smaller than 30mb, well i dont know how anyway, and i have played around with encoding settings a fair bit.

I checked out the site in opera, your right the flash in the top right doesn;t load… oh the fun of getting pages to work the same in opera and firebird. actually the site works fine in firebird. I have no clue what is opera’s problem.


Hmm, I believe Opera still has some plug-ins problems, a lot of the problems have been solved, in the previous version I had to install some plugins by hand, it might be a plugin problem.

:smiley: It’s pretty hard indeed to get everything look kind of the same in diferant browsers. Good luck!


Just saw the demo-reel. It looks pretty good. I really liked the pirate part.
Just some critiques. I assume you want a job as game modeler, right? Then just skip the animation and really really skip the live drawings, it doesn’t fit in. Just like the animations, if you’d apply for an animation job, you should have animations, but you’re applying for a game modeler.
As an animator, the animations are nice, the first one, the dance, is kinda nice, but needs some work, the second one is a way too robotic, I know it’s a robot but it doesn’t have any personallity, it’s just moving his hand and head up and down, … thats it. Either work on that or skip it.


i see what you mena about focussing the real solely towars modleing/texturing. But i here different things from people, about including life drawings ect. i think i might take out the animation though.


Ah, I see what you mean, It’s always good to have life drawings, since there might be a good possibility you’d need to model some realistic characters and If you’ve done lifedrawings, it’d be a plus point. But I think that you will need to give some more accent to it. Now it’s just shuffed in and BAM one shot of drawings, between all the game models, it should be more present if you want people to see it as an important thing. Now it’s more like:“ow, yeah, uhm, I just wanted to say real quickly, … I can do live drawings to…kay?” Just a suggestion.

There is this really really good thread on CG-talk, about demo-reels. It gives a lot of good and very proffesional information. A lot of pro’s reply to it, you should search for it. If I run into it today, I might just give you the linke :smiley:


hi canadaka,

site: yes, definatly get rid of all the flash and sort out the navigation. you should have a link to all your good stills on the front page.

reel: i havent seen it but you should really try and get it down to 1,30s or 2mins at the absaloute max. you should be able to get a good quality mpeg at 15mb if its only 1,30s. i strongly recomend mpeg over divx as everyone will have the codec, dont use xvid its even rarer than divx in business.

hope this helps you can check my site out if you want, its very simple but gets the job done i think. your work is good also but forget about animation if you want to be modeller.


Thanks for the comments.
I have removed the 2 big flash files, and i think i will replace the horizontal menu with CSS.
The reason there was a bunch of flash was i needed to do it for my stupid flash course i had to take, what a waste of time.

And i am going to add a picture link on the frontpage to the gallery, i can see that some employer visiting the site doens’t want to search around… even though its only 2 clicks.
also the demo reel is now in DivX

Does anyone know how to render the wireframe overtop the textured model? liek have it fade over… like so many people have in reels. Or is it 2 seperate renders composited together?


its two seperate renders, in max you can either render the wireframes or create a preview animation, i would recomend turining on AA if your gonna do the preview.


The demo reel is pretty good! I especially like that robot dancing near the end, lol.


thats why i kept the robot dancing in there, just for a little bit of humour at the end…

so i guess then i can use any video software and composite them together with the alpha layer? I use Maya, i think i used the vector render? can’t remember, and turned on hard edges, there must be a better way though.


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