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My name is Christian Sjöstedt, I´m from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently I´m a student at SOFE(School Of Future Entertainment) in Karlshamn, Sweden. I am looking for work as a 3d modeller(Character, Hard/softbody, Environments all in all, modeling).

relocating´s not a problem.

here´s my latest:

You can find all my work on my homepage, if you have any questions please send them to

Thank you!
rightclick ‘save target as’ (needs Quicktime 7 to play)


Hey there…
absolutely great work!
Very impressive modeling

Keep it up!

Stunning video at the end…
Saw the whole vid on your
homepage… really stunning

5 stars from me!


Nice work. Think that the shading stuff in the begining is a bit mutch thou. Like the music video also.


Excellent modelling reel! Would be great to see some up close shots on “Amanda”. You could have had some close up spins with the camera instead of the render pass shots.

Here’s hoping you get that job you deserve!


The environments were outstanding! They should have been right up front on the reel considering how you present them, very well done! Solid work all around. Congratulations and good luck!


Absolutely stunning.
Very nice, I LOVE the environments.


Fantastic modell! Her body is really nice!
Only one crit, her hair could use some more work! I’m not shure what’s wrong but maybe a little thin and too straight. It feels stiff.

But I really liked the swat team scenes. Top of the line. Realistic camera work! Great enviroments! Animation and lighting just perfect!

What band is it in the musicvideo?

Kul att äntligen se lite coola grejor från sofe! Vilken årskull går du? Jag gick andra nere i karlshamn, da03. Har du haft praktik än? Du är en kille med talang måste jag säga! Jobbar du inget med animation eller rendering?
Mycket bra jobbat i alla fall!



Thanx to all for your positive feedback, and votes:)! It means alot!

Jag går dg05, alltså mitt andra år nu på SOFE. Vi ska ha praktik nu hela våren. Jag arbetar inte endast med modelering. Allt som var renderat innan musikvideodelarna på reelen, har jag gjort själv, men om du menar arbete i projekt så har jag inte lika stor erfarenhet.

På hemsidan hittar du lite andra saker som jag gjort, bland annat den här:

Den gjorde jag till vårat VFX-projekt. Modell+textur+shading+ljussättning/rendering har jag gjort.
Compositing och animation sköttes av andra.

Mina generella områden som jag har fokuserat på är Modelering, Dynamics/Fluids och Rendering. Självklart så har jag bas i det Mesta.


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