demo reel and prints!


Guys! I have made a demo reel and a print gallery so please comments a critics are welcome!



some nice stuff…bud…like some of the 3d grafitti stuff…rizon should take a look at that.
i think your use of colour in the graphic design like stuff is very cool. (neomu art, latino venezuela colour chart like thing)
and i’m just downloading the demo reel now.


very nice stuff BEK congratz!
love your opening page speaks personality… yep flingster i’ve already seen that stuff :wink: it’s great!

big up!


dude your stuff rocks

do you write graff?


I’d love to see it (Mac OS X user). Could you post with a mac-friendly codec?


first of all ! thanks! guys! for the suport!!! glad you like it!!

and govinda?? i dont know what you mean???

…I’d love to see it (Mac OS X user). Could you post with a mac-friendly codec?..???

the demo reel is a .mov? and i use osx so let me know!


I downloaded it yesterday but Quicktime told me that it´s not a correct Quicktime format. Did you reupload it so I can try again?



i think now is ok!! but if you cant see it!! matbe you have to updateyour quicktime!!

take care!



QT 6.5.1 here–the most recent IOW, with extra codecs so even rogue .avi files work for me.

I do want to see it since I’m in motion graphics like you, unlike 90% of users here. If you could recompress and post for people like me and Samir it’d be great.


i dont know way is not working! i am using cleaner5 for the compression and i am using mpg4 and motion jpg a and b codec!? but it works some times! and other it dosent work test it in safari and explorer! can some one tell me whats wrong please!!!



Personally I found the site incredibly difficult to navigate. The opening page was very lame with only minor indications where to enter. At first glance it appears to be a spash page with nifty text telling you whats inside.

Also at the bottom of your main page there is a bunch of code just lying out there in the open, might want to clean that up:
pop = function (page,title,width,height,scroll) { s = (scroll) ? “scrollbars=yes”:“scrollbars=no”; x = (self.screen.availWidth / 2) - (width / 2); y = (self.screen.availHeight / 2) - (height / 2); goodness =,title,“width=” + width + “,height=” + height + “,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,” + s); window.goodness.moveTo(x,y); window.goodness.focus(); };

Buttons need to stand out, they can’t fade into the background and the cursor needs to do something when it is hovering over them. I don’t like sites where I have to founder around and randomly click on things to see what works.

Also inside the site the quicktime movie doesn’t play and you have the same lack of direction / buttons in your Prints section.

Overall a good concept but not very clear execution.

On a more positive note - I really like your work, there are some very cool pieces there and I think they deserve a better showcase.


thanks for the replay!!!


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