DEMO : Baked Ambiant Occlution


This is a model that i have built for the upcoming movie (The Seasons Of The Soul). Baked Ambiant Occolution with
Turtle render engine for maya. Mdeling and texturing done in maya.
Realtime frame work software was Quest3d Use Arrow key and mouse to navigate with Walkthrough
Camera. Use Middle mouse button to zoom in and out with Object Inspection Camera.

Press i button to hide and show the panel

Director : Ali Asgar Agah Banai
All visual elements by : Ali Rahimi Shahmirzadi | | +98 09122170668
Copyright 2008 The Seasons Of The Soul movie

My past work


wow that is a fantastic effect, i really like. is it possible to bake the ambient occlusion with just maya?
i would really like to do this



Yes. Its possible to bake ambiant occ in maya to vertex or texture with mentalray.


Hi ali . this work is just like all of your works is nice and wonderfull .
gray color of scene and “Depth Of Field” effect is realy Nice.


That was very unique model and always impressed by your RTworks.Keep it up.
I make couples of shaders test in DarkbasicPro( and also use baked ambiant occolution by chance.
You can view the snapshots here:
You can run the demo if you want.

Note that model pick up from UT3 for practice shaders only.


Nice work. What is the shadow method?


I mainly used VSM(Variance Shadow Maps) for shadow and made some improvements on it.The demo test for Dynamic Skylight Rendering which includes:IBL(Image Base Lighting),HDR lighting,Atmospheric Scattering,Baked AO etc.Another demo with similar sort of techniques.

Those shaders can also be used in other real-time engines and hopefully we can communicate often with real-time 3d application.


Very cool to try some technical demo

Good work ali-rahimi-shahmirzadi :thumbsup:

I want to more :smiley:


Great. I build a same demo with the same method with Quest3D. But i use a render to texture stencil. I also use an avrage illumination process (render to texture) to get the avrage illumination of the sky sphere and use it a fill light for ambiant. Did you use avrage illumination too?


I generated shadow map or depth map through RTT(render to texture).As for atmospheric scattering,I cited and refined from example:Simple Atmospheric Scattering along with FX Composer 2.


This is my example


Well done.Is the method used for skylight dome in your Q3d example similar to one of Nvidia Demo:Last Chance Gas


This another tech demo

[b][b]HDR Self Shadow Radiosity Normal Map (Relief Map)

[/b][/b] I rebuild this shader completely with ShaderFX. [](
 Also Quest3D as a realtime framework. [](
 You need some advanced bake option for 3 directional lightmap. Also special shader for baking normal map (if you want self shadow). I use Turtle render engine for maya with the help of one of their developers. Thanks to him Jens Olsson.
 You need a GPU with PS3 support.
 I only use 3 directional lightmap as you can see lightmap#1 have an alpha for global specular mask. Also a single special normal map with alpha and 1 diffuse texture with specular alpha mask. thats all and you can see the result




Will u be so kind 2 post .sfx file of ur RNM shader made in Shaderfx.

Thank u very much



all source files are here.


thz :slight_smile:



I can’t find any scheme for shaderfx.
There is anybody know a good layout .sfx for radiosity normal maps?


Ok. This is a RNM pipeline in Shaderfx. Just dont forget to use worldspace normal map otherwise it will not work. Have fun:)


Thank you Ali :cool:

It’s very simple!! I have some answer for you. Which is the composition of the nodes, tell me if is right

RNM node: 3 baked texture rnm option with turtle (you reassemble it in photoshop with directional occlusion map and then multiply ?? :hmm: )

Normal map world space: surface transfer with option “normal”, “include bump” and coordinate system “world space”

Diffuse: surface transfer albedo

I’m tryng put the model of hangar in virtools with this options.



RNM hase nothing to do with directional occlusion in this example. just use rnm.
I dont know how you want to convert a tangent space to world space. i have a pipeline for that inside maya.

goodluck whit that.