DEM Earth 3.61 for R20 Released


DEM Earth for R20 has been updated to version 3.61 for mac and win.

major new features are :

  1. Poly Object
  2. Strata Object.
  3. Smart OSM new query builder.

The Poly Object gives you access to hundreds of thousands of administrative borders for the entire planet from level 5 to 11. That’s county level down to tiny district areas (generally higher = smaller ). Smart OSM object can now be clipped to those outlines.

The new Strata object lets you convert any polygon object to a solid 3d printable object.

The new Smart OSM query lets you build very complex search query’s, to get exactly what you want, or don’t want. It also uses new Openstreetmap servers for more reliable searches, and the ability to search much larger areas and recover far more data than was previously possible.

The Image downloader is now an order of magnitude faster than in pre R20 versions. managing up to 256 downloads at one time. What used to take a coffee break, now takes a few seconds .

here are a couple of clips showing the basic workflow for the poly object.

if your support is up to date, and you already use DEM Earth in R20, you can get this update for free.

Otherwise, this is a paid major upgrade.

You can upgrade from R2.xx or R3.xx (any pre r20 version) to this version from my website.

Thanks for looking.