Delete account


Hello :slight_smile:
Can you help me delete my account? I don’t find any option in settings to do this.


Hello, mine too please!

I already wrote you guys a mail to delete my account!
I cannot image why a platform like cg society wouldn’t give me the possibility to delete my own account.
I was thinking to register again since I’m not able to change my freakin user name as well but now I don’t know if I want that again.


Why delete your account?

From a former web developer perspective it may not be possible to delete an account with this forum setup as it would have orphan posts from your (now deleted account) and would cause all sorts of database errors throughout the forum.



Could you delete my account as well?



Need account deletion please.


please delete my account I don’t use this site and also got lots of mail by this site please delete my account


please delete my account


I’d also like my account to be removed, please. Thank you.