Delete account.


I realized there is no option for users to delete their own accounts in the site. This is kinda annoying… I don’t know if there’s any use to ask a moderator to delete my account, I see a lot of people asking that and I don’t know if all of them are being heard, anyway, there should be a way for the user to have control over their own account.


I want my account also to be deleted.


Please delete my account for GraphicAccelerator asap pleeeeease!


Please delete my account MachacaCorp, I didn’t find the option for delete the account. tks.


I want my account also to be deleted.


please delete my account


I also want my account deleted and I see no option to delete your posts. I only have two I want to delete those as well.


I also want my*account to be deleted,thanks.


please delete my accounttoo


Please delete my account.

If it’s possible please also help me remove my thread:

You can delete all my content and posts.


Please delete my account, not using it anymore.


Delete the account