Delay a sound effector/mospline



I’m experimenting with an idea.

I have a sound effector(step mode) driving a mospline - which is then output to a spline, that spline is then in a cloner(linear along X), cloner is then in a loft.

Currently the sound drives the splines and creates a moving ‘sheet’ that reacts to the sound.

I’m trying to make each spline clone have a slight delay to the sound reaction so the sound way sort of flows along each of the cloned splines(imagine waving a sheet and the ripple flowing along sheet).

I’ve tried delay effector, shader effector, time effector but can’t get the sound to be delayed slightly per cloned spline.

I could of course create mutlple copies of the sound file with a delay(ie some silence at the start) in each of those and create corresponding mosplines to get the effect. I was just wondering if there was a quicker way using effectors.





just to illustrate what I was trying to achieve I took a youtube audio file, created 4 other versions all with varying amounts of silence at start, created individual mosplines with their own sound effectors on them, then used those mosplines in a loft.

The 1 second delay between each audio file is too long, so if I wanted to change it i’d have to recreate the audio files with different silence amounts, rinse and repeat until I get the effect I want(this video isn’t exactly it). So the question is can some kind of effector be used to delay the mospline animation so I can easily adjust the delay without having to constantly change audio files.



My first thought would be to bake the spline to PLA, then clone it with mograph, and use a step effector to offset the time of each clone.



brilliant idea, works perfectly. Only minor problem is that if I change the properties of the spline I have to rebake the spline, but that’s no real issue.

Thank you.