'Degrees for sale' at UK universities (bournemouth)


Nope. If that were true most schools Psychology departments would close.


Pardon me, i thought having your personal psychologist in US was a must. :slight_smile:


No no. That is a Psychiatrist. Big difference between the two (mainly the extra years in college and supposed extra medical background.)


Heh right.
Anyway, in Greece they should probably close down all Math and Physics schools for two decades, because all graduates end up working in fast food restaurants.
Some students are just like Lemmings. You need to block their way to a meaningless education, or they will end up spending 4-6 years of their life and money for nothing, just to enter the unemployment queque.


I suppose when they have too many students passing( fair or not ), they put in words to the appropraite teachers and say “consider just for a second - the consequence of too many passes…”?

Its ****ing disgusting.

I’m sorry, but people are paying vast-amounts of fees to be messed about in this fashion. I maybe self-taught and have a bias against unis, but I do acknowledge those who do attend and invest in their future…it’s not fair on them.

They can either do 3D or not. Why fail them if they can? Or pass them when they can’t?


think we need to stop talking about 3d specifically…


i hope its not the case with the media dept at bournmouth uni since i am starting MA 3D computer animation there this year. but i have to say that educational standards are falling all around the world. this is because educaton is taken as a money making industry and not to improve society & making money in the process.

i don’t know what am i talking about. it is that i am worried because i am paying a lot to go there. i hope that everything is good.


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