defromation order, HELP!!!


defromation order:
Hey guys, i have a model , a face which is skinned(smooth bind), then the blend shapes , then some clusters for the eyes. Everything works fine until i make the clusters. Even if i change the deformation order the clusters get tweaked. Can anyone tell me what the options for making a cluster handle would be?(realative, parallel,etc) and also what the deformation oder would be, one last thing, can i parent the cluster to the head joint so that it follows the character. I’m having double transformations when i do. Please help, cheers - Modi.


deformation order is crucial on what you are doing, even the order in which your clusters are in relation to each other will change the overall deformation effect.
I would suggest this deformation order

  1. blendshapes
  2. (relative) cluster
  3. skin

When you open up your all input nodes list it should read like above but in reverse order (bottom (first input) to top (last input))
If you set your clusters to relative you can group and parent them to the rest of your hierarchy.
Hope this helps


K, that helps, but in the advanced option box of the cluster handle, what do i choose?? default, parallel , before or after.
I mean it works fine on default, but when i move my character and i try using the cluster handle, somehow it seems screw up the oreintation of the handle. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers - Modi.


Hmm, is it a orientation or a rotation pivot problem? It sounds to me that your clusters don`t have an appropriate order, so that their rotation pivot is not where you would expect it to be and thus creates odd deformation. Maybe try this:
-only apply the clusters to your skin and check if they well behave
-if ok, add the blendshape BEFORE all cluster nodes
-if ok, add your skin AFTER all cluster nodes
This rotation pivot problem can be very annoying but a little experimenting should get you where you want.


Hey Buexe , thanx for help, Yes it is a rotation pivot problem, pardon my ignorance when i said oreintation problem. K, i tried what u said but even without blendshapes and just the skin, the clusters don’t behave well. Its fine until i rotate the head joint. When i rotate the head joint and then try rotating the cluster the rotation pivot is totally off. HELP!! cheers - Modi.


Are you proof that the clusters are relative?
Have you grouped the clusters under your head joint?
Do the clusters work without the skin?
Why don`t you apply the clusters to a blendshape instead of connecting them directly to your skin?


Yup, i’ve done all that, i guess i’ll just connect it to a blend shape instead. Its just that if i have clusters there are more possibilities of shapes i can get. Thanx anyway Buexe , cheers - Modi.


you have the same amount of possibilites, you just need control objects (ie locator) that give the translation on to the clusters, that deform the blendshape that deforms your skin.


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