Deformation Effect


Hi folks,

i was wondering whether there is a samrter / better way:

I am just animating a character, that is supposed to walk on a kind of jelly surface. So the ground is not hard but gives in a little as soon as the character´s feet hit the floor. I have been testing the giving in of the floor by using the sculpt and the wrap deformer but both are not giving the desired result. ( I am not using both at the same time, to avoid misunderstanding :slight_smile: )
Anyone an idea / suggestion what else to try ?



you could use a softbody…make the sb_particles collide with a low poly object parented to the characters foot…

little softbody scene attached for u…shows better what i´m talking about


Hehe. Thanks Dude. Just coming back from testing the Softbodies. Honestly i have never worked with them before but thats exactly what i wanted … Again thanks :slight_smile:



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