Deform Mesh by Mesh


There must be a simple possibility in 3DS to deform a mesh with another mesh. All I can find on the internet are workarounds (cloth modifier, etc.) to achieve the desired effect. I haven’t found a script to do this either. I’m probably too stupid to search. Please let me know if you know how to do this or if you know a script.meshByMesh


You can do it natively via Pflow (a particle system)
A particle is placed at each vertex on the mesh. The mesh has a particle-skinner modifier.

Another mesh then collides with the particles causing them to move and thus deform the geometry to which they are skinned.

However, pflow is a bit limited and has since been surpassed in many areas/universally, depending on time, by “Tyflow” which is currently in Beta and free, but don’t let the “Beta” put you off if it does what you need.

Same principle but TyFlow is much more powerful, especially if you add the CUDA library files.
There are lots of TyFlow tutorials on YouTube. (You might need to add a “Mesh” operator to render a tyflow event)


been awhile since i played with MCG but it’s possible


Thanks for your detailed answers, unfortunately it was a bit too complicated for me as a beginner. I just did that with Maya Shrink Wrap in this case. It’s a shame that this is not possible with 3ds.