Define All Texturing Terms


I want to learn All Terms Related to Texturing & Materials.

plz explain me the terms in the given Pictures below:

and Tell me What is the Diffrence Btwn Color Map & Diffuse Map,thinking that i am newbie to Color Map & diffuse Map,Plz.



Read the Help file.


There’s no difference between color and diffuse map in max. There are plenty of slots in your pics, but I suggest you learning vray or new mental ray. The problem is that you won’t achieve any nice effect with scanline, it is an old slow renderer. Either learn archdesign shader for new mental ray(max version 8 and above) or vraymaterial. They are more advanced, faster, more realistic, easier and better organised. Just don’t waste your time on this. You will find everything you need with pics in help-additional help-mr Arch&Design Viz Shaders.


You should take a look at the tutorials that come with max as well. They have a lot of good information for beginners.


google is your friend - ‘displacement’ you get something like -


hi the main diffrnc bwtn dffs n clr mp s t u can bbrvt as mch as u lk.

Try proper typing. Or the search function.

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