Defective Detective - Short Film


Hello Everyone!

  Here is our film [b]Defective Detective[/b].


The film was made during our final year at Ringling college of Art and design.
  For more information about the process check out this article
  Thanks for watching!
  Avner and Stevie


Awesome job guys! I loved it!


that is such a nice job. But you are a little late on cgsociety :), i have already posted in on my blog on 27th June. Very very inspiring for me.


very very nice …:slight_smile:
I like it so much…

Good luck…


very nice short


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

This is instantly one of my favorite animated shorts. Ever.

Amazing work!! Fantastic execution in pretty much every respect: from your filmmaking choices to your color and character design, character animation, shot design, editing, music.

GAH! So talented. Congrats on the Student Oscar too!




Haha, good stuff. Very well put together. I like the characters, very expressive. Great work.


Awesome work!


Excellent stuff, I really enjoyed the artistic direction, There were a couple of places where the animation itself felt like it could have done with a little extra fine tuning/timing work, for instance where he slaps himself there didn’t seem to be any physical effect of this on his face and the timing in the sequence and the one int he hallway outside felt somehow just a tiny bit disconnected, but these are really minor quibbles in a very enjoyable piece.


very nice guyz


Great short!

:scream: @ the old lady who lives in the middle of crack central!


Thank you for your comments guys! Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


very very nice at many times


Superb guys! Congrats!


There seems to be a wave of brilliant animation with a certain style that emerges in the last two years- from Oktapodi, Salesamn Pete to Meet Buck and now you guys-
are you somehow connected ?

entertaining, funny, and brilliantly made- my hats off to you guys!:slight_smile:


I do love the schematic steak view :wink:


Beautifully done short! Just a great job! I also liked the schematic steak chart on the old lady. Well deserved front page plug. :thumbsup:


Great style, I enjoyed watching it this is really well executed


Brilliant Work!
Loved it through and through, the plot was well written and brilliantly executed; The character design was outstanding. Loved the way the silhouettes were incorporated in it.
Excellent work!


That was hilarious!

I loved it all, and the little nod to Ratatouille.

Great snappy animation.