Defeated, Tomasz Jedruszek (2D)


Title: Defeated
Name: Tomasz Jedruszek
Country: Poland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

boring isn’t it? another girl in my portfolio…

Vakkun this time, few minutes after final battle against the Empire and encounter with her sister Neida.

“- Kaihet ! The battle is won -the imperial troops retreating
She looked at him as he said something like " Im 40 years old and i 'd like to go fishing” -who cares they reatreating they should done it 8 years ago. … before they ruined my life -she tought
-Is she dead?
-not yet Kaihet- He realized that is not very best answer he could gave her- she is badly wounded … it wont be long.
-I shouldn’t fight with her
-That was the only one way to stop her bloody crusade, You know it Kaihet- and she deserved it for all her crimes
Vakkun looked at her captain again, this time with eyes full of tears
-She was my SISTER!!! - she stopped to cry for while ,just like she
realized at this moment what she did- I’d killed my own sister
she slump from her chair to the floor ,and hidding her head in hands starts to sob as little girl.
-oh Neida , my little pearl ,what have i done…
Captain touched her shoullder and said
-I know how you feel - i lost my brothers too
-I remeber ,all killed by her, I don’t blame You happy she;s dead.You have your revange.
-That’s not important Kaihet- I wish it was someone else … but it was your sister…sad , but the war is over and she is defeated
no-she said after short silence- I am her older sister i should save her ,not kill her… I shouldn’t let this gone so far…
she grab her sabre still wet of Neida’s blood and stand up
-it is I who is deafeated in this war"

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Really expressive and well done, do you take a picture as reference?

I really like the way you create texture on the forehead whit the reflection/specular. Do you have a custom brush for that?


wow, so much emotion, and RUNNY MASCARA that ISN’T a stupid emo picture. you’re awesome. ^^ btw, great little piece of dialogue there, really fitting.


sad story~great pics!
the tatoo should be refine some~4*
hoho~so many Languages u speak~o~


this looks amazing, I love her eyes (though to me I thought it was a man until you said something)

I don’t think that necessarily has to be a tattoo, I thought it was just some smeary woad. shrug

The expression is gorgeous here, really well done!


Super! I love that one! Nice detail light and emotion! :slight_smile:


Awesome piece. It conveys the emotion very well, and I love the style, not over-realistic but close.

I have to agree with what is said before, the tattoo is a little flat, and I must admit that I, too, thought it was a man :smiley:


[b]Maxalbert /b:

When you see picture like this and someone tells you he never did use reference -don’t belive him !

There’re so many interesting things happens in nature, and especially in human face which are imposible to copy just from your head. Many (if not all) great artist used models as references but since i cannot afort to pay someone for 2-3 hours possing i must use photos.Which is far quicker method and cheaper too. But to copy a photo was never my main goal- we are artists not photographers (however a photographer can be great artist but is not what i mean) .
I had this idea -all i needed was to find girl in that kind of pose to see all those interesting things as lightning, skin facture etc.

As you can see this scene painted to this text is much wider than final. It tells the story quite good but when i saw that photo i already made decision that all those expressions and feelings can be shown just focusing on the face if not on the eyes only.

so i made another scetch based on those two+text

then is just normal process- basic scetch is blend with some nice tools in painter,then back to photoshop to have a nice time with textures and details.

then ,you don’t need that reference anymore ,painting starts to live with its own life. Girl on that photo is rather happy if not even smileing, mine character were in quite opposite state of emotions

For the second part of your post- I work only with two basic photoshop brushes but yes, i use dozens of custom brushes and textures .Some basic photoshop textures are very usefull aswell.see




/bit is actually something more like warpaints than tatoo. And after hot battle that kind of paintings on wet skin can loose some shape


/bagain? every time i paint Vakkun some people calls her “he”. Well it never wasn’t my idea to create another "sweet cute schoolgirl with 6 feet long legs " anyway. Those sisters are normal,common people, they are tough ,marked by their’s life experiences and even (Neida) cruel. So they not need to be beautyfull.[b]


bloody fantastic man… i just love the expression on that face


Just becuase I thought she was a man doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful - men can be beautiful - she just looks masculine, as opposed to feminine.


Wow…this is brrilliant man. The rendering and the emotional feeling is fantastic. 5 stars from me!


Beautiful work! I absolutely LOVE the eye and make-up detail! great work! also, the expression is pulled off very well.


Wow. I am stunned into highly respectful silence. Remarkable work.


Cool! :bounce: I love it!:applause:


Nothing short of amazing, thanks for showing your steps as well. 5 star work here.


Very nice, very inventive with the texture paint. Great work!

Thanks for the details on the work in progress, it has been informative. :love:


BRILLIANT. One of the best I’ve seen for a while. 5 stars


Another one killer piece from you:eek:.


What facinates me more than the actual image (which took my breath away) is the fact that you had a backstory. I don’t have the interest to give any real crit because the image is so touching. Thank you…


You know…

…I totally hate the worn out babe-and-sword cliché subject…

…and that’s why I love this picture. Such a refreshing take and view on an old subject. Much more thrilling, more intimate and real than actually any other babe and sword I have seen.

Also, I find it cool that you explained why and how to use reference.

a five star from me…:slight_smile: